Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Choti Diwali Shenanigans!


Happy Choti Diwali aka Narakachaturdashi aka Bhootchaturdashi to you! 
That is a lot of different names to the same auspicious day! 
My day was spent in my sister's office, a place I frequent quite a bit. 
But today I was there for Lakshmi Puja and a Diwali lunch, but before that I helped with decorating the place.
We made Rangolis. 
Put up torans. 
Strung up lights. 
What fun! 

Genda Phools have their moment in the sun during this time of the year! 

I had a long but lovely day! 
I also did some low-key shopping on the way back home. 
Got some phooljharis and some new shampoo- I am trying out the L'oreal clay shampoo. I finally got my hands on it and I have already tried it out, and it's quite nice. Let's see how my hair looks and feels in the long run. 
I also got some  very affordable lipsticks  from Miss Claire and Streetwear and some brand called Hilary Rhoda, which I've never heard about before but they had some really pretty lipsticks and I couldn't resist getting some! I also got some skincare bits from Khadi. 
Wow, maybe I should do a full haul of all of my little buys. 

Now I am back home and getting ready to help my sister cook some Chicken Chaap and Pulao. 

I hope you had a lovely, lovely day too! 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Happy Dhanteras!


Happy Dhanteras Folks. 

Hope you had a lovely first day of festivity! 

My day included...

New curtains. 
Cooking dinner for my family. 
A little bit of reading. 

Just simple and happy things. 

I love Diwali. 
The lights and diyas and the mithai. 
What I love most is the cheer in the air. People out and about buying things and doing things that came them happy. 

This year seems a little quieter. A little less festive. 
I was watching the News and it claimed that people bought a lot less gold and silver. The strange new taxes levied on people has definitely slowed down festive shopping. :( 

I hope that the rest of the festive season is just as happy and joyful as it always is. 

I hope all of you a very, very Happy Diwali. 

Eat yummy food. 
Spend time with your loved ones. 
Lights loads of diyas. 
Just be happy! 


Monday, 16 October 2017

Monday Moods: Home is the Sweetest Word There Is.

A comfy chair full of colourful cushions and an owl. 

The cushion covers are from Chumbak. 
My chair and it's cover are both from Fabindia. 

A cold coffee treat and the walls of my bedroom. 

Good Vibes Only! 
Making my steel cupboards slightly cooler with some prints and magnets. 

The print is actually a paper bag I refurbished it's from Chumbak. 
Magnets are from Postbox. 

A lit up corner of home. 

I am a total homebody. So I love my home to be as cozy and comfy as possible.