Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Blogmas Day- 12 : My Christmas Tree!


My 2017 Christmas Tree is up!!!!! 
She is a beauty! 

The day my tree goes up is always a happy day. It makes all of us at home so happy. Seeing the lights, baubles and all of my plushie ornaments puts a smile on all our faces. 

Mr. Raccoon looking spiffy as always. 
Isn't he the cutest!? 
He and most of our plushie ornaments are from Accessorize from 5 years ago. 

Some desi ornaments adorn our tree as well, this horse was our new ornament last year, he is from Fabindia. 

We normally put a Santa on top of our Christmas tree but this year we've gone with a Star, a handmade Tassel and a Snowflake to be our tree toppers. 

I am so in love with our Santa lights that we got from Itsy-Bitsy last year. 
We normally put the red, blue and green lights on our tree but this year we wanted to do something a little bit different, so the Santa lights. I want to get some new fairy lights for the tree as well. I am thinking of getting some retro looking yellow lights. 

Once those lights are on I will share those pictures as well. 
I also have a tiny Christmas tree for my bedroom, which I will share later too! 

I know I am little too excited for Christmas, you don't need to tell me! 
I love Christmas and all it's trimmings! 


Monday, 11 December 2017

Blogmas Day- 11 : Fashion Haul/// Earrings from Jaypore, Part- I.


How is this Monday treating you? 
Mine was a bit blah! 

These earrings I am about the share with you guys today is certainly not blah. They are in fact beautiful! 

I am so in love with handprinted mini-framed jewellery for years now, I have pendants and even other earrings in the same style and clearly I can't have enough. 

Let's jump into the prettiness shall we? 

I love how Jaypore packages their stuff. In little boxes that I tend to re-use to store some of our stamps. 

A beautiful peacock on a dusty pink background. I also really like the Lotus motif and the pink bead. 

A Maharani in frame. 

And now some pretty florals. 

These earrings are so well-made and light and add so much extra to every outfit.

I am so in love with these earrings and I can't wait to wear them soon! 


Blogmas Day- 10: Words from the Hills by Ruskin Bond ~ Haul and Flip-Through+ Review!

I hope you had a good weekend and a lovely Sunday as well. 
My Sunday was a little bit hectic and a little bit too loud since the building opposite mine was blasting some item number type music all evening long!
No fun! 

But what is is fun and plain delightful is this gorgeous journal. 
I had my eye on it since it came out and wanted it rather. But seeing that I have a ton of notebooks, journals and planners sitting on my shelves; I decided to be sensible for once and hold off. 
Oh but the heart wants what the heart wants and in this case my heart wanted this book. 
I spotted it in Kitab Khana last month and I had to have it! 
I mean look at it! 
It combines several of my favourite things...

Ruskin Bond! 

Who could pass this up!? 

Not me! 

My intention is to be use this journal when I am travelling. Especially when I am travelling to the hills. It will be perfect for documenting my days and journey and even stick little souvenirs from my travels in it. 

I am utterly emitted with the art in these pages. Ahlawat Gunjan (the artist) has done a commendable job. The art is simply darling and lends itself really well to the words of Mr. Bond. The vintage/retro vibe is high on this one and I LOVE it. 

Some pages have more writing than others but they are all stunning. 

This journal since it's full of art and illustration and some pages have only a few lines to write in, is great for journaling newbies or those who aren't very verbose writers. A musing here and a stray though there. You can fill this book up with fleeting ideas and not to pressed to fill up entire pages. 

I am so glad I finally caved in and bought this book. 

Things I LOVE about it: 

1. The art is fantastic. 
2. Each page has a little something going on.
3. Ruskin Bond's dreamy words are great starting points for journal entries. 
4. It's a good size to carry in your bag and journal on the go. 
5. The paper quality is pretty good. 

Publisher: Penguin India 
Price: ₹ 399 
But it's available on Amazon for ₹ 269 at the moment. Get it HERE. 

Rating: 5/5.