Thursday, 30 April 2020

Monthly Favourites: April 2020.


Ah! April. 
Where do I even begin? 
What a month! 

Once again I find myself thinking long and hard at finding things I loved this month and my first impulse was to skip listing faves for this month and let this shitfest of a month be gone and done with. But honestly, even in all this mess, all this uncertainty, fear and anxiety there have been small moments of respite. 
Little silver linings. 

Finding bread. 
Making malpuas
A perfectly done pocha.
A breezy day. 
Long afternoon naps. 
Cold showers. 
Writing again. 

Even in all this darkness there were moments of light. 

So here are some of my favourite things from this month. 

1. Colouring: I can happily just zone out and colour for hours on end and never be bored or lost in my anxious thoughts. This little colouring book has kept me happily occupied and happy for most of this month. So glad I am a little hoarder of colouring books and supplies. 

A little something I did last evening. 

2. My Cozy Bed: Sleep is where we escape to. This month I have made my bed my happy place. Lined up loads of my plushies, the only people I hang out with anymore. Changed the bedding and pillow cases and made these sweeties look all adorable. They make me smile every single morning when I wake, a great sight to wake up to. I am all about making my inner child happy. 
These plushies are from all over. 
And a couple of Instagram shops. 

3. Some eBook Hauling: A happy day when I bought 10 new eBooks. What a treat! What a joy! 
I honestly cannot wait to go in to bookshops and buy books again. I will sing my way into bookshops. Till that day comes, I am more than grateful for my Kindle and eBooks. 

4. Kurtas from Kameez. Co: The only shopping I've done all month...well not really, the only package that got delivered this month. Two beautiful kurtas from Kameez Co, my second time getting something from them and I am so in love. 
I can't wait to wear these beauties. 

Fish Fish Fish. 

5. Cozy Nap Set-Up: Come summer I like to set up little 'nests' to rest in. I layer a couple of rugs, quilts and  enough cushions to make a little fort. I can be found lolling about here, book in hand, music in my ears and a cup of coffee to keep me company and sit as close to AC as possible. Especially since my bedroom AC died early into the lockdown, the living room has been my refuge. 

The quilt is from Fabindia. 
The cushion covers are all from Chumbak. 

My preferred spot to read in. 

6. All Bengali Books in April: I have loved reading so many Bengali voices all month long. I love reading books from my corner of the world. It's been a thing of comfort to read stories based in places I am so deeply familiar with it. 
Of course, I didn't read every single book on my TBR but I am happy with all the reading I got this month. 

7. Panchayat: Hands down my favourite thing I've watched all month. Simple, sweet, real and at times infuriating. I will admit it took about 2-3 episodes for this to grow on me but by the end I was wholly invested in this show and it's wonderful cast of characters.  If you haven't seen it yet, please do. It's a fun and heart warming show that is perfect to watch right now. 

Apart from these, my other favourite things have been...

Cooking up a storm. 
Sharing my recipes. 
Making desserts. 
Video chats with my parents. 
Reading in bed. 

You've been hard April. 
I am not sad to see you leave. 

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Weekend Reads: What My Sister and I Are Reading this Weekend.


Do weekends even count anymore? 
Most days I wake up not knowing what day it is, it is only when I am journaling or using my planner do I even glance at dates. 
I guess we are all in the same boat. 

Even though everyday is now like the weekend, we like to do a little something special to commemorate the weekends. 
A break from washing clothes. 
Cooking something special. 
Afternoon naps. 
Reading something good. 

This is what my sister and I have been reading this weekend...well mostly today, yesterday was a bit of a TV and film day. Today has been a day full of reading. 

My Mother's Lover and Other Stories by Sumana Roy: I bought this book and two other yesterday since Bloomsbury India is having a weekend long sale on select titles. This one was on my wish-list since it cam out a couple of months ago. A collection of short stories, some set in my corner of the world (Dooars) and written by an author from those parts as well, Siliguri a neighbour and erstwhile rival of my hometown Jalpaiguri. 
I am about 46% done with this book and these stories mostly people suffering from some strange malady or other. I am really enjoying the writing, the stories and the very idiosyncratic people in these stories. 

Plot Summary: My Mother's Lover and Other Stories is a collection of fourteen stories about people who suffer from curious ailments: of a poet whose writing is seen to be an ailment by her family; an insomniac's experience with sleep therapy; a woman's obsession with getting rid of plastic; a woman in Darjeeling desperate for a drop of water; a student fixated on reading a love poem as the failed relationship of her parents; a young couple trapped in a student's hostel during the 1971 war; a Nepali student passionate about proving that Nepalis are not stupid; a mother who can no longer differentiate between her heart and her head; a young woman on the verge of suicide; a girl who's hidden her teeth in a palace garden; a girl who treats literature like astrology; a young lecturer who seeks fame but can't foresee how it'll destroy his life;
a singer with a mad harmonium; and two old lovers who are on a secret holiday until one of them finds out something quite unpleasant about the other. 

P.S: This book is available for only 99 bucks, so go get it if it sounds like something you'd enjoy. 

The Sun Sister by Lucinda Riley: My sister is reading the 6th book in the Seven Sisters series by Lucinda Riley. It's a series she enjoys immensely and we recently recommended this series on here as well. This one is a mammoth at around 800 pages so my sister is set for a day or two. She is completely hooked and really enjoying this story, even though this is not her favourite sister by a long shot. She was almost reluctant to buy this book. But she is enjoying her immensely. 

Plot Summary: To the outside world, Electra D’Apli├Ęse seems to be the woman with everything: as one of the world’s top models, she is beautiful, rich and famous.
Yet beneath the veneer, Electra’s already tenuous control over her state of mind has been rocked by the death of her father, Pa Salt, the elusive billionaire who adopted his six daughters from across the globe. Struggling to cope, she turns to alcohol and drugs. As those around her fear for her health, Electra receives a letter from a complete stranger who claims to be her grandmother . . .
In 1939, Cecily Huntley-Morgan arrives in Kenya from New York to nurse a broken heart. Staying with her godmother, a member of the infamous Happy Valley set, on the shores of beautiful Lake Naivasha, she meets Bill Forsythe, a notorious bachelor and cattle farmer with close connections to the proud Maasai tribe. But after a shocking discovery and with war looming, Cecily has few options. Moving up into the Wanjohi Valley, she is isolated and alone. Until she meets a young woman in the woods and makes her a promise that will change the course of her life for ever.

Friday, 24 April 2020

Quarantine Comforts: Book Series Worth Reading


And how are we today? 
I hope you are safe and sound and keeping yourself distracted and happy. 

I am doing alright. 
There are good days and there are days that don't seem to end. 

I am her today to make those long days seem a little bit better. 
I have 6 books series to jump into right now and escape to. 
Most of them are thrillers, 5 out of 6 are  detective series. 
One is a saga of family and secrets. 
All of these books are perfect to binge on right now, you could read them one after the other and make the most of these days. Seriously, step away from the distressing News and pick up a new books series. 

1. The Sam Wyndham Series by Abir Mukherjee: This series is the one I am currently right in the middle of. There are 4 books out in total and I have read the first two books this month and might just go ahead and finish off the the remaining books before the month is up. My sister has been reading these books since 2017 and has loved each and every book, she has even reviewed most of them. She has been telling me for years to read them and I am so glad I finally listened. These books are a world of fun and I am learning so much about Calcutta in the early 20th century. 

Plot Summary: This series  set in 1919 and then on, follows Sam Wyndham, a ex-military man and former Scotland Yard Detective who has recently arrived in Calcutta. Along with this sidekick Surendranath Banerjee, he solves crimes ranging from the murder of a white Civil servant, to that of a Crown Prince of a Princely State. His adventures take him all over Calcutta to other parts in the East. 
Adventure filled and a fun ride. These books are perfect to read now and find yourself away from this day and age and go back a 100 years in time.

2. The Janardhan Maity Books by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay: We've read and loved these books for their atmospheric writing, great crime solving and we highly recommend Penumbra and Here Falls The Shadow followed by The Disappearance of Sally Sequeira. If you enjoy good old-fashioned detective stories with interesting crimes, red herrings and great crime solving, then these books won't let you down! 

3. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency Series by Alexander McCall Smith: These books need no introduction to bibliophiles all over the world! But if you've read only a couple and made a mental note to read the whole series, then now is a good time as any to get started! These books are so heartwarming and lovely and it is perfect to read during these tough times because they will reinstate your faith in humanity! 

4. Colonel Acharya Books by Tanushree Podder: Set in a tiny hill station, far away from the madding crowd, these books are just such charming murder mysteries.  The detective is a retired army Colonel and his bunch of friends. The perfect series to read in these terribly hot summer days! 

5. All Bengali Crime Detectives Series by Subarna Chatterjee: These books also involve senior citizens working together, using their intelligence and common sense to solve murders. Very cute and oh-so-charming. There are only two books in this series and you simply must read them! 

6. The Seven Sisters Series by Lucinda Riley: If you are a fan of historical fiction, then these books will be right up your alley! The stories are wide-ranging and cover an important period and place in world history. Grab a cold drink or two and settle in with these books. They are highly addictive! 

If you do read any of these series, do tag me on Instagram so that I can come by and see how you've enjoyed them! 

Take care, fam! 

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Quarantine Comforts: Movies and Web Series

Hey all,
Hope you guys are staying home and staying safe!

We've been home since early March and it feels like a different life where we used to go visit bookstores and restaurants and just be out in the world! Sigh.

So, what do you do when you find yourself at home with a little too much time on your hands? Well, you turn to the TV and to online streaming service providers for some fun content.

Without any further ado, here are some movies and series that we've been enjoying recently...

Panchayat on Amazon Prime Video is a hilarious and heartwarming story of a young Engineer, who finds himself in a tiny village in Uttar Pradesh as the Secretary of the local village Panchayat. The idiosyncrasies of the villagers, the challenges of adjusting to village life and just the sheer madness of a bureaucrat's life make for a hilarious viewing! Solid performances and several laugh-out-loud moments make this series a must-watch!

Breeders on Hotstar is a hilarious British sitcom about a couple and their various parenting misadventures! I don't want to say anything more, but just go and watch this show NOW! It is really, really funny!

Bhoot Part One- The Haunted Ship on Amazon Prime Video is a nicely done horror movie inspired by the very real cargo ship that had floated into Bombay's iconic Juhu beach in June-July 2012. Here, of course, the ship is haunted! The movie has a nice little mystery behind the haunting of the ship and some decent twists as well.

Shubh Mangal Zayada Saavdhan on Amazon Prime Video is, possibly, India's first mainstream, commercial gay love story. It has a great ensemble cast and very real small town India depictions. The movie is a bit of a slow-burn but has several laugh-out-loud moments. Definitely worth a watch.

Apart from these, my sister has been binge-ing old seasons of Grey's Anatomy! So, if you have some old favourites, now is the time to re-visit them and think back to the simpler "normal" times when we all had lives to lead and things to do outside of our homes! :)

Stay home and stay safe, fam!

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Book Review: Death in the East by Abir Mukherjee

Book: Death in the East

Author: Abir Mukherjee

Pages: 421

Read on: Kindle

Read in: 4-5 hours

Plot Summary: 

Calcutta police detective Captain Sam Wyndham and his quick-witted Indian Sergeant, Surrender-not Banerjee, are back for another rip-roaring adventure set in 1920s India.

1905, London. As a young constable, Sam Wyndham is on his usual East London beat when he comes across an old flame, Bessie Drummond, attacked in the streets. The next day, when Bessie is found brutally beaten in her own room, locked from the inside, Wyndham promises to get to the bottom of her murder. But the case will cost the young constable more than he ever imagined.
1922, India. Leaving Calcutta, Captain Sam Wyndham heads for the hills of Assam, to the ashram of a sainted monk where he hopes to conquer his opium addiction. But when he arrives, he sees a ghost from his life in London – a man thought to be long dead, a man Wyndham hoped he would never see again. 
Wyndham knows he must call his friend and colleague Sergeant Banerjee for help. He is certain this figure from his past isn’t here by coincidence. He is here for revenge.

General Thoughts: 
This is the 4th book in the Sam Wyndham series and I've read and loved all three prior books, so, obviously, I was going to read this one as well and was waiting with much anticipation for it to be available on Kindle India! You can read the review of the first book- A Rising Man- here and that of A Necessary Evil here. I haven't reviewed the third book, but it was also really good. So, anyway, these books are set in Kolkata in the early 1920s and they are very atmospheric and well researched as well as quite gripping. 

Things I Liked: 
1. The premise of this book had me really excited because, first, we get to see a younger Sam and learn about his past- before the Great War and before the death of his wife. Second, this is the first book in the series where the action moves from Kolkata to a tiny hamlet in Assam and we're presented with two murder investigations- one from 1905 London and the other a present day locked room murder- which makes this book a real page-turner. 

2. I enjoyed both the murder mysteries in this book- the murder of Bessie Drummond in London's East End in 1905 as well the murder that happened in Assam in 1922. We get to see Sam Wyndham as a rookie beat cop, full of optimism and so different from how we've seen him in Kolkata in the past three books. The events of 1905 also help us understand Sam a lot better and seeing him fight his opium addiction at the ashram was also very gratifying because as a reader you want Sam to conquer this addiction and get better because he a good guy whose gone through a lot of sh*t in his life! 

3. The 1905 case touched upon issues that are relevant even today- acceptance of immigrants in British society. In 1905, London's East End was full of immigrants from Russia (Polish Jews) and China, who were looked down upon by the rest of the city. We get to see Sam fighting prejudice and anti-Semitism to try and catch Bessie's real murderer while his bosses were mostly apathetic and uninterested. The way he solves the case and finds the real killer is interesting and nicely done. 

4. The events of 1922 are also very interesting. The small British community in the hamlet of Jatinga in Assam are all interesting characters. There is, of course, the mystery man from Sam's past as well as some other government officials- doctors, businessmen, engineers etc.- who live in this tiny town. So, there are not a lot of suspects when someone (don't want to spoil the book by naming the victim) is found murdered in their locked bedroom and the modus operandi of the murder is eerily similar to that of one of the murders from 1905. The resolution of this murder is also nicely done. 

5. I really liked seeing a more assertive and strong Surendranath Banerjee in this book. He has really grown from being a young Sergeant, who was very respectful of and intimidated by the British to someone who is effortlessly able to put rude Brits in place and, for the first time in this series, feel some kind of pride for his Indian and Bengali heritage. He even asks Sam to make an effort to pronounce his name correctly and not call him "Surrender-not", but Suren or Surendranath! Bravo! 

Things I Didn't Like: 
1. The killer in the 1922 murder was kinda obvious, but because the book has so much going on, I forgive the author for making this easy to guess. The modus operandi of the murder is brilliant, though! 

Rating: 4.5/ 5

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Things I Miss.

Blue skies and open spaces to just breathe in. 

Both outside and at home.
Things I Miss. 

1. Not worrying constantly. 

2. Ordering food on days I didn't feel like cooking. 

3. Ice-cream.

4. Travel Plans. 

5. Iced drinks. 

6. My car. She's sitting unused and unloved. 

7. Mail. 

8. Packages. Little happy things to open up. 

9. Flowers. 

10. Seeing my parents. They are in another state, on the other side of the country and I don't know when I'll get to see them next. 

11. Wearing cute clothes. 

12. Wearing make-up. 

13. Buying physical books. 
(Not that I need new books but I miss treating myself to a new book every now and again.) 

14. Going out without having a mini panic attack. 

15. Making any sort of plans for the future. I HATE not knowing what the rest of this year is going to look like. 

16. People. 

17. Malls. All their noise, the shops, the people and just ordinary things. 

18. Bookshops. 

19. Coffee shops. 

20. Our world, imperfect and flawed and chaotic as it was, I miss how we lived. I miss going out and miss complaining about traffic and work and everything else. I miss the things I'd never thought I'd ever miss. 

~I hope things go back to normal soon. Till then we do our best. We cook, read, sleep and silently freak out and help each other out.~ 

Monday, 13 April 2020

Monday Moods: Haul from The Yellow Curtain.

 Hello, hello!

Sharing a little haul of a few cute things that we'd received in the mail before the Lockdown!

These totes and pouches are from an indie Kolkata-based brand called 'The Yellow Curtain. We placed our order through their Instagram account, but they also have a website.

These cute kettles are on a tote bag. We love tote bags because they are so handy in carrying extra items when you are carrying a small sling bag or satchel and also very useful for grocery and other shopping. 

The second tote bag is adorned with this pakha (Bengali) or palm leaf fan print. These pakhas or pankhas (Hindi) take me back to hot Calcutta summers when loadsheddings (power cuts) were a part and parcel of our daily lives! *shudder*

I am sure you would've seen Calcutta's iconic Taana Rickshaws/ manually pulled Rickshaws? If not, this is pretty much what it looks like! Instead of a cycle mechanism pulling it along, a man pulls it along. There are very few of these left in Calcutta now, but they are an iconic image of the city's past. 

Then we bought a pouch! You, seriously, can't have enough pouches! Seriously!! Look how pretty this lotus-print one is! 

So, that was the whole little haul!

Hope you guys have a great week ahead!

Stay safe, fam!

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Life Lately: Journal Pages + Plushies + Home + Decor + Reading.


How are thing with you? 
The last few days have gone by in a blur. I swear, I intended to be better at blogging during this time. Write more. Do more reviews. 
But..honestly...between all the house work, cooking and worrying constantly being productive is too much of an ask. 
I applaud anyone who's making the most of these days and learning something new and diminishing their TBR, but me..I am allowing myself to feel the things I am feeling, losing myself in a good book or two and just cooking up comfort food. 
That's how I am coping. 

A journal entry apt for this occasion. 

Our lockdown has been extended till the 30th of April, it came as no surprise. My city is struggling, the cases are above 1000 and this lockdown is absolutely necessary. Devastating but needed. I am no stranger to being homebound. I am happy to be home. It's just this whole stress and worry and scarcity of things that bothers me. 
Add to that our bedroom AC has died on us and we can't get a new one till the lockdown is over..and when that will be I don't even know. And it's getting hot. Today, right now as I am writing this its 30 degrees but feels like 36! 
Also we need a new TV, not an essential item, we were putting off getting a new one and now we can't. 
All of these sufferings are nothing compared to what so many people are going through. But these are my problems and I am allowed to crib about them. 
The AC more than the TV would be welcome addition to our home right now. 
But it's OK. I just need to figure out a way to live through this, like I have any other option! 

~Seriously, don't mind my venting.~

Now on to some happy things...
A cheerful corner of home. 
Little things to cheer me up//

Changed my bedsheets last night. 
Made all my plushies sit like royalty. 
They are the only gang I hang out with now! 

More cuteness via one of my Stickii Club kits. 
The little Koala bear doing things is my favourite thing ever. 

Another corner of my bedroom all colourful and cozy.
Making my space cozy does wonders for my mood and mental health. 

Oh, Happy Easter folks. 
I hope by next year we are out and celebrating and feasting on delicious food and Easter eggs. 
I hope and pray that this miserable time is over. 

I am currently reading The Rising Man by Abir Mukherjee, a mystery novel set during the British Raj. 
My sister has read 3 books in the this series and loves them and I figured it's high time I got to them as well. 
The book has already been reviewed on the blog and you can read it HERE. 

I hope you guys are home, surrounded by family and your books. 
Happy Reading! 
Stay Safe you guys.

Monday, 6 April 2020

Monday Moods: A Little eBook Haul to beat the Monday Blues. (April 2020 Book Haul.)


This Monday, I've decided to turn my frown upside down. 
After waking up early-ish to a hot April morning, I breezed through my chores. 
Dishes Done. 
Clothes Washed. 
Birds Fed. ( I feed the sparrows and pigeons and parrots from my window, this morning they feasted on some peanuts.) 
Breakfast and Coffee had. 

I was feeling happy and fresh and positive. 
And then I decided to treat myself to some new books...ebooks obviously. 
I saw that Harper Collins had a bunch of ebooks for over 50% off on Amazon and I hopped over and added some books to my cart and some others to my wish-list. 
I got 10 books in total. 
9 from Harper Collins. 
1 from Rupa. 
I got most of them on 60% off and I am pleased as can be. 

I don't intend to buy a ton of books, both during this mess and even after. 
In fact, I don't see myself buying much of anything till Pujo...or maybe not even then. Because, honestly we don't yet know what this pandemic will do our economy and our income. 
I don't want to be careless and splurge. 
But..this, today's haul I am allowing myself as a treat following nearly a week of being tired, anxious and working hard every single day.! 

OK, on to the books now. 


1. This is How it Took Place by Rudrakshi Bhattacharjee: A collection of short stories, which I am always up to read and sample a new writer at that, plus goes well with my reading theme this month..aka All Bengali Books in April! Win win win! 

2. Thirteen Kinds of Love by Soumya Bhattacharya: 13 stories set in one apartment complex, I've had my eye on this one for ages and once again, like the book above it meets all kinds of reading criteria. I think I will read it this month itself! 

3. The Monsters Still Lurk by Aruna Nambiar: I read Mango Cheeks and Metal Teeth by the same author a couple of years ago and simply adored it. This one set in Bombay in the post-liberalisation era seems like something right up my alley. My city and a time period that I hold dear. I cannot wait to get to this book. 

4. Sacked Folktales You can carry around by Deepa Agarwal: I am always, always happy to read some folktales and this was super cheap and I hope something I can enjoy. 

5. Typically Tanya by Taha Kehar: Sounds like a fun read, a 20 something woman in Pakistan doing her best to avoid arranged marriage and rishtas and trying to fix some messes she's created in her life. Should be a good time. Another book I had my eye on for a while. 

6. Half Gods by Akhil Kumarasamy: A mix of mythology and modern times, this was very critically acclaimed and I meant to read it last year but never got around to it. These are interconnected short stories...or is it a novel told through interconnected characters?! Not sure, but I am sure that this will be one that I will enjoy. 

7. Written in Tears by Aruna Patangia and Ranjit Biswas: Short stories once again, this time set in Assam. I am having a little bit of an Assam moment. I've read 2 books set in Assam this year and I want to read more from here and this translated stories seems perfect. 

8. A Flutter in the Colony by Sandip Ray: I read Don't Let Him Know by this author when it came out and I LOVED it. It was sublime. This one had been on my radar since it came out but I was waiting to get it, good thing I waited and managed to get it on a good deal. This is about a middle class Bengali family that moves to Malaya to start a new life and it's about them setting up home in a new place among other things. I know I will enjoy the writing and reading about Bengali families is one of my allll time favourite things to read. 

9. The One Who Swam with the Fishes by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan: Satyavati's story fleshed out and told in this instalment of stories about the Girls in Mahabharata. The Mahabharat is my favourite epic and actually story of all time. there is so much to unearth and learn and mull over. Still so relevant and honestly, I've never really paused to think about Satyavati- the wife of Bharat and stepmother of Bhishma. I am always up to read more about this epic and do a deeper dive into the characters I know so well. 

10. The Parcel by Anosh Irani: Set in Mumbai's red light area, this is about a transgender sex worker tasked with an impossible job. Set among brothels, sex trade, trafficking and the hijra community, this book promises to be hard hitting and a glimpse into a world that is close enough but seems like a million miles away. 

So those were all the books I added to my e-Shelf today. 
My slice of joy. 

Go check out the ebooks on Amazon, there are some amazing deals going on and see if you want to get a book or two. 

Happy Reading Folks! 


Saturday, 4 April 2020

Weekend Reads: Agatha Christie & Sunil Gangopadhyay. (What My Sister and I are Reading this Weekend.)


How is your weekend going? 
I'll be honest, I am wiped. 
I think all this extra work (home chores) is kinda getting to me now. 
But it's OK..I am home, I am safe and I am doing my best. 
I have been reading as and when I find time and it's been helping, like it always does. 

My sister is slowly reading, rather re-reading The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie. This book is incredible. I re-read it last year and loved it.
It's a little slow. Told through a character's journal, this is a little different than your usual Poirot books. An interesting locked room mystery set in a little English village, where an in-retirement Poirot is called upon to solve the murder of the village's richest man- Roger Ackroyd. 
My sister is nearly done with this and will then start on her next read, The Woman in the Mirror by Rebecca James. 

I finished reading Wonder World and Other Stories by Sunil Gangopadhyay earlier this evening. A collection of 20 short stories, set in the 1970s largely, this collection has some very quintessential Ganguly elements, a lot of melancholy, poignant stories, social commentary and brilliant writing. There is such a nuance in Ganguly's writing, such an acute understanding of the human nature and a deep understanding of the time period and the socio-cultural and political pulse of the time. His stories take you to the places he writes about, whether it's the streets of Calcutta in the turbulent 70s or the dusty village road where a simple man is trying to make ends meet. 
I really enjoyed this book, it felt a little heavy and a little too sad, seriously stories will rip your heart out, but on the whole this was moving and affecting and thought provoking. 

I am yet to pick my next read, but I have my TBR all sorted so I'll go pick something from there right away. 
I am either going to pick Friends from College by Devapriya Roy or A Life Long Ago by Sunanda Sikdar. 

Hope your weekend is going well too. 

Have a good one guys. 

Friday, 3 April 2020

April 2020 Reading List. All Bengali Books in April TBR.


I don't usually make elaborate TBRs anymore. For a while there, a couple of years ago, I was a pretty diligent TBR maker and then I kinda just stopped. For no real reason, I just stopped making TBRs. I read books as and when I feel like them and it works for me just fine. 
But for special occasions or to adhere to a reading theme, a TBR is a good idea be. 
So for this month and for reading only Bengali books all month long, I figured I take a good look at my shelves and make a TBR to guide my reading and make life a little easier. 

So here is everything I hope to read this month. 


1. The Circle of Reason by Amitav Ghosh. 

2. The Song Seekers by Saswati Sengutpa. 

3. A Life Less Ordinary by Baby Halder. 

4. A Life Long Ago by Sunanda Sikdar. 

5. In the Name of the Mother by Mahashweta Devi. 

6. Sister of my Heart by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. (RR) 

7. Wonderworld and Other Stories by Sunil Gangapadhyay. 

8. An Atlas of Impossibly Longing by Anuradha Roy. 

9. Friends from College by Devapriya Roy. 

10. Janani Mothers, Daughter and Motherhood. 

A memoir penned by a former domestic worker about her life and struggles. 

Set in the 1960s in a sprawling yet crumbling mansion on Calcutta, where a new bride learns about her new family and their secrets and history. 

An anthology of stories about mothers and daughters. Sounds so good. 

My first ever Mahashweta Devi and I am excited as can be. 

A re-read for me, an old much loved book. 

A woman looks back and remembers the days of her childhood, especially leaving her home in East Pakistan and moving to a village in India. 

What I am currently reading. 
It's wonderful.
Sunil Gangopadhyay is such a wonderful writer. 

No Bengali reading is complete without some Amitav Ghosh. 

This has sat unread on my shelves for quite some time. 

A nostalgia and fun and feeling filled read. My sister read it last year and really enjoyed it, so I am excited to get to this when I need a happy read. 

I am also hoping to do a fair amount of re-reading, I have so many books I keep meaning to re-visit. 
More Ray short stories. 

This is one of my favourite reading months ever! 

Happy Reading Folks! 

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Hello April 2020! + All Bengali Books in April + Monthly Goals.

Hello April! 
I am happy you are here.
Hello Summer! 
Hello more days of Lockdown! 
Hello Bengali New Year! 
Hello Reading only Bengali Books and Bengali Authors all month long! 

I am hoping and praying that this month is happier than the last few weeks and I hope it is one where we find some semblance of our normal again. 
Be Good April. 
Be Kind. 
Be Gentle. 


This has been me today...a sloth. 
I am so sleepy since I didn't get a lot of sleep last night..4 hours or so. All of today was spent in a daze of sorts. 
I did a little bit of reading. I am still reading my last read of March, Know my Name by Chanel Miller, this is hard-hitting and wonderful and horrible and infuriating and exhausting but in a good way. I am 25% through with it and reading it slowly in small doses. 

This was my evening view this evening. 
This tree right outside my window has come alive in the last few days and these pink flowers are growing aplenty. 
It makes me so happy to see them coming along and greeting me every time I stand at my window. 

I also filmed and shared an IGTV video sharing what I keep in my Pencil Case. 
So head on over to my IGTV if you want to see what's in this unicorn pencil case. 
My id is Whimsybookworm on IG as well. 


1. Read 15 books. 

2. Stay sane and happy and chill. 

3. Don't worry so much. 

4. Spend time with my book journal. 

5. Do my reading wrap-up for the first 3 months of 2020. 

6. Cook delicious meals. 

7. Make iced-tea at home. 

8. Colour and art more. 


10. Blog regularly. 



April also means my annual ritual of reading only Bengali books/authors all month long in honour of Bengali New Year. This year Bengali new year will be sedate one given the situation all over the world. But I would like my literary life to be a month long celebration and read books from my corner of the world. 
So I read everything from books originally written in Bengali, the translations of course and I read books written by Bengali's in English. 
I am still pulling books from my shelves to make my TBR and once I have a stack of books ready to read, I will share my reading list on here as well. 
I am so excited for the reading this month. 

I hope April is good for you and me. 

Happy Reading folks. 
I hope you are safe, sane and sound at home.