Friday, 30 June 2017

Monthly Favourites/// May and June 2017.


June is over and May is long gone, but I forgot to list my loves from May, I did love a whole lot of things from May. So I thought I'd combine 2 months and share all of the things I've loved best in the last 2 months. 

May and June were both happy months in my life, inspite of May's mind-numbing heat. 
June was all about Rains.
Ice-cream sundaes!
Reading quite a bit. 
Cleaning my bookshelves. 
Getting some books I've wanted for a long time. 

You were good June! 

Now let's jump into my favourites. 


1. Indian Summer Style/// May saw me add some beautiful pieces to my desi shelf. 
Kurtas, bags and even a wee bit of jewellery. 
The only way to navigate an Indian summer is to wear Indian fabrics and styles. 
This bunch of beauties is from Okhai. 

2. Bullet Journaling/// May is when I started Bujo for the first time properly and I've loved it so much. It's such an easy way to stay organised and keep various lists in one place. 
I've used a Bujo in both May and June and I have already set up my Bujo for July as well. 
A June and July set-up will be on the blog soon! 

3. Art Journaling/// After a gap of months and months, in May I found myself reaching for my paints and brushes and filling up the pages of my at journal again. 
I love the time I spent doing this, I might not be an artist or anything close to it. But painting and colour bring me so much joy. 

4. Favourite Bag/// My turquoise delight from Pure Ghee Designs was my summer tote of choice. 
Beautiful and it fits everything I need and more. 

5. Gulmohar/// Summer brings with it Gulmohar/ Krishnachura blossoms in plenty. 
Just the sight of these vivid orange flowers makes me so happy. 

6. Skincare Favourite///  The Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution! 
This little bottle saved my skin! 
I have used this before in 2014..or thereabouts but I only had a deluxe sample (which from Kiehl's is always a generous size) and I did like it. It made a lot of my old acne scars disappear. But I was using the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil, which is amazing and I highly, highly recommend it. So back then I used this as a spot treatment on my old scars. 
But this time around I've been using this as a serum on my entire face and it's amazing. 
My skin just looks and feels renewed. 
I had tanned horribly during my holiday in the hills, sitting out in the direct sun all day long will do that to you! And I needed something to treat the sun damage and lighten and treat some acne scarring from last year. 2016 was a bad year for my skin!!! 
This little magic potion has made so much difference to my skin and I love it! 
I highly recommend this, you can use it as a spot treatment or all over your face. 
It is a little pricey but so worth it. And I do think that skincare is a worthwhile place to splurge on. 

7. Favourite Shampoo/// Wow Skin Science  Hair Strengthening Shampoo for Vitality and Volume 
My sister found these shampoos on Amazon and they had such overwhelmingly positive reviews. 
We got 2 shampoos from them to try and this is the one I love. It cleanses your hair really well and leaves it smooth and silky and looking so healthy. It also helps reduce hair fall quite a bit. 

8. Organising my Books/// I finally, finally got a part of my messy bookshelves organised in June and I can't tell you how happy this made me! I've been meaning to do it since February. 

9. Favourite Book Mail/// June's best bookish mail was getting these beauties in the mail! 
I am so in love! 
I cannot tell you how happy these books have made me! 

10. Favourite Read/// This book has been my favourite read of the last two months. 
This book is incredible and so powerful and wonderful! 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Book Haul/// The Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. (Puffin in Bloom Edition)

The Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. 

First published in 1905 is the story of a young girl sent to boarding school in London after living in India for years. The daughter of a wealthy man she is given special treatment a host of luxuries in her new school but all of that changes with the death of her beloved father. 
A story of goodness and kindness and changing fortunes and inherent good in people's heart. 

A timeless classic that I haven't read. 
There is also an Indian character in it which interests me too. 
And boarding school books are the best. 

I can't wait to get to this book. 

The end pages on this are beautiful as well. 

More floral beauty. 

Have you read this book? 

What do you think? 

Happy Reading Folks. 

Monday, 26 June 2017

Monday Moods: Haul/// Sock Dolls/Monsters from Footsy.


Hello Monday! 

And a Happy Eid to you! 

For today's Monday Moods post I want to share some new adorable friends! 
I am basically a child at heart and one thing I love above all else are quirky little plushies. 
My house is full of squishy creature big and small. 

When I came across these darling sock monsters on Instagram I just had to have them!! 
I fell in love! 

After a perusal of their web-store I narrowed down on these two creatures. 

Meet Boo and Olly. 
Those are their original names. 
Of course, once they  came home, I gave them new names. 
So blog, say hello to Baa-Boo and Hootie. 

Let's see them...

He is so soft and squishy and incredibly well-made. 

Look at that face! 

They are the cutest things ever!! 

Find a friend for yourself at Footsy. 

I hope this post added some cheer to your Monday! 


Sunday, 25 June 2017

Stationery Sunday: Passport Camel Traveler's Notebook // Unboxing and Set Up

Hey all! Eid Mubarak to all my readers! I hope your day is full of family and yum food! :) Send us some biryani and siwaiyan, please! :) 

This edition of Stationery Sunday is really cute because I am going to be handing over this post to my sister who will share with us her new Passport size Traveler's Notebook's (Camel colour) unboxing and set up. 

I have been wanting to get a Passport size TN for a while now. I have a black Passport size TN (made by a Taiwanese Etsy shop that's now closed) and I have used it as a wallet before, but I wanted the Camel coloured one to try using it as my goes-everywhere-with-me writing companion. The idea is to document the little things that happen on a daily basis, which sometimes gets lost when you write them down later! 

So, here is my little Camel Passport size TN! 

Isn't it cute!!! Look at the colour and those cool scratches on it! I can't wait to use it everyday and watch it get scuffs and age beautifully! 

A star charm and a hand clip- to hold down pages while I write. It's really handy (unintended pun!). 

The very first thing I have on opening the TN is a Kraft folder. It is a useful little thing to hold stickers, receipts and other bits and bobs. 

As mentioned, stickers and bits and bobs in my Kraft folder. On the right is my little notebook, which is going to be my on-the-go journal. 

Decorated the first page of my journal with some washi tape and some bits of pretty packaging. 

Washi tapes along the edges of my pages so that when I flip through them they look colourful. I like trying different ways of using washi tape in my journaling and this is what I am going with for my little journal. 

Right after the little journal is one side of my Zipper Insert (also from the Traveler's Company). As you can see, this holds two washi tape samplers on top and some stickers underneath. I love carrying washi samplers with me- useful for sticking things inside the journal and for general decoration! 

On the left- the other side of my Zipper Insert, which has some stencils, a pretty stamp and the cover of my TN. 

On the right- the cover page of my Monthly Insert. This is an undated monthly calendar and I will be using it to write about a positive happening for each day. 

Ergo, "daily joys". Some washi bits to decorate the cover page of the monthly calendar insert. 

Here is what it looks like! I wrote down the dates for July (and messed up some because I was off in la la land!). Some washi and stamps for decoration!

The other side of the zipper insert. This is the zipper pouch side of things, which has some more stickers and a few cute things. 

This is the flip side of it. A calendar for June from Stickerrific and some other stickers and such. 

And, finally, a little clip to hold down pages when I write! Very handy little thing. 

Camel TN from Pipit Zakka Store 
Monthly Insert from Pipit Zakka Store
Zipper Insert from Pipit Zakka Store
Gekkoso Hand Clip from Stickerrific 
Washi Tapes from multiple places

Hope you enjoyed this quick set up post! 

Have a great week ahead! 

Friday, 23 June 2017

Friday Favourites: Stickers + Chai + Books + Rains + Junk Journal + Book Corner.

1. My Favourite Corner of my Home.
Books and more Books! 

2. My Sister's beautiful junk journal. 
So gorgeous. 
A full flip-through is coming soon. 

3. Rainy Days. 
There is nothing like the monsoons! 

4. We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

5. Chai and biscuits. 
A match made in heaven. 

6. Stickers Galore! 
I have always loved stickers and even as an adult this love going strong. It's my favourite way to decorate planner pages and my journal. 

I hope you guys have a lovely weekend. 
And make most of the long weekend. 
So many people have headed out on a quick holiday. 
I wish I were going somewhere too. 

But I am going to make the most of staying at home.
I am going to read a ton..since I've been reading the same book since Monday. 
Need to read something new! 
I also want to colour and art. 
And watch a ton of old Feluda movies from the 90s that I've never seen before. 
So I am excited! 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Book Haul// Little Women by Louisa May Alcott ( Puffin Bloom Edition.)

Little Women by Louise May Alcott. 
Published first on September 30th 1868.

A timeless classic about four sisters coming of age and growing into womanhood during the turbulent  Civil War years. 

A book that brings comfort and warmth to the heart. 

I first properly read this book two years ago and even though I was a full grown woman I loved this book and it's simplicity and charm. 
To me it didn't seem very dated. 
Of course, written in 1868 it's not exactly current but it's still so much of it is still relevant and relatable. 
It is such a good read. 
I cannot remount it enough. 

A beautiful book in a stunning edition. 
This book is truly a thing of beauty, inside and out. 

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.” 
― Louisa May AlcottLittle Women

“I like good strong words that mean something…” 
― Louisa May AlcottLittle Women

The end pages are a thing of beauty. 

More illustrations. 

This book came with a matching gorgeous bookmark. 
So freaking pretty! 

I plan on reading this beauty for Christmas. 
And I cannot wait! 

Happy Reading Folks!