Thursday, 10 January 2019

Book Review: Magic in Mussoorie by Atul Sethi and Vikas Upadhyay.

Book: Magic in Mussoorie

Writer: Atul Sethi

Art: Vikas Upadhyay

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Pages: 64

Read On: Paperback

How Long it Took Me to Read: 1 hour

Plot Summary: Nakul Sahej and his friend Kuku stumble upon an antique book while on holiday in Mussoorie. The book turns out to be a magical one that transports the two back in time to the Mussoorie of over a century ago. Meeting historical personalities of that time-like Sir George Everest, who lives in a sprawling estate on the outskirts of Mussoorie, as well as the young maharaja of Punjab, Duleep Singh, who has been exiled by the British and is spending a summer in the hill station-Nakul and Kuku get involved in an intriguing adventure that sets off a series of events which can change the course of history! 

Action-packed and unputdownable, this thrilling adventure is the first in a series of comic books set in the Garhwal Himalayas.

Things I Liked:

1. A book of magic, adventure, time travel and history. There is so much in the premise of this book that had me interested. And even though there is so much going on in the book it never felt too complicated or crowded.

2. A comic book full of adventure and a hint of magic is perfect for young readers and people of any other age group.

3. I liked the art in this book too. There are gorgeous panels depicting monasteries, hills and even scenes of the past.

4. I love books set in the hills and especially books set in Landour one of my favourite places in the world. This book just took me back to the quiet hills of Landour and it's quiet beauty. Made me want to pack my bags and head back to Landour.

5. The pace of this book is wonderful, it's one thing after the other and it will have you enthralled.

6. I love time travel, if given a choice I'd love to travel back in time, so reading about it is one of my absolute favourite things in the world. The time travel in this comic book goes back to pre-independance India, which is one of the time periods I always enjoy reading about.

7. My favourite thing about this book is the presence of Ruskin Bond as a character! How freaking cool!!!! I loved, loved, loved it!

Rating: 4/5

The folks of Puffin India sent this book to me for review but the review and thoughts are all my own.
This was such a fun ride of the book and my last read of 2018 and the perfect way to end my year. 

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