Saturday, 19 January 2019

Whimsy Wear: Embroidered Circle Bags from Riddhi Pankaj

 Hello all,
I wanted to share a really beautiful recent addition to my purse collection- this beautiful 'P' initial floral embroidered circle bag from Riddhi Pankaj!

This is, perhaps, the sixth or seventh bag we have from Riddhi and each bag is so pretty and meticulously made!

Take a look!

Love the colours and the beautiful ribbon flowers! 

I love the various pinks on this bag and love how the burgundy 'P' stands out. 

This bag is quite spacious and is framed in really soft leather. The back pocket has a fair amount of give and can easily accommodate a phone and a slim card holder/ wallet. 

Really excited to carry this beauty out later this month! This was one of my Christmas gifts and I am waiting for the right day of fun to cart it around! 

To buy one of Riddhi's beautiful bags, you can reach out to her on her Instagram profile.

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