Sunday, 20 January 2019

Stationery Sunday: Frankie Journal 2019

Today I want to share some snippets of my sister's gratitude journal for 2019- the Daily Journal by Frankie Magazine.

We got out first Frankie Journal in 2013 and then onwards, we have been using it off and on- skipping a few years in between- and we always find ourselves drawn to the beautiful illustrations!

This year's journal is no exception. Let's take a look!

The cover is always cloth bound, which feels so lovely on the hands. 

Look at the end pages. So pretty! 

This is what each month-at-a-glance looks like. 

Look how pretty!!! 

This is what a weekly spread looks like. There is a section for notes and for listing down new plants seen, which I think is so cute! 

I love having pages to jot down birthdays! 

Look at how pretty February looks! 

There are always these tear-out to-do lists and reminders! I always pull these out and stick them in my other journals/ planners. 

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into the Frankie Journal. It's sold out for this year, but if you liked the overall aesthetic, then do pick it up next year. 

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