Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Hello 2019 + Reading & Blogging Resolutions!


So 2019 is here and it's time to make some resolutions and set some goals for my reading and my blog. 

I took the first week off from Blogging, fairly undecidedly. TBH, my 2019 was not off to the best possible start. I talked about it on my IG stories, but in a nutshell on the 1st of January 3 Amazon packages went missing from our home. The next day we found out that the lady who collects the garbage from our building is the ones responsible for stealing them. We got back two out of three things (Thank God), but my book never did. And somehow this really made me sad, not just the book being sold for scraps, It was being stolen from the people I've been nothing but kind to. I have been feeling just untethered and out of sorts. Not the best way to start a new year. 

So that's why I have been missing in action on here. 

But I've got to snap out of it. 

So here we are trying to forget the first week of 2019 and making a fresh start. 
In this one week I have already read 3 books and making my way through the 4th! 
I have already read a brilliant book- My Sister The Serial Killer, it's reviewed below. So in some ways 2019 is going well. 


1. Read 150 books. My Good Reads reading challenge is mostly set to an even 100 but this year I want to set it to 150 and hopefully do well on it. 

2. Read more World Literature. I want to read from as many countries as I possibly can. 

3. Read 5 classics. Every year I make a goal of reading more classics but I am not wholly specific about it. And guess what? This is the one goal I suck at every single year. I am way better than reading modern classics. So this year I intend to read 5 classics, a mix of Victorian Literature and Russian Literature and even a Japanese classic. I will share my Classics TBR soon on here. 

4. Read more non-fiction. This is one genre I immensely enjoyed in 2018 and want to read more from. 

5. DNF books I don't like. Life is too short to read bad books. 

6. Read Children's Classics and re-visit some childhood favourites. 

7. Re-read old favourites. 

8. Read an Agatha Christie book a month. 


1. Do more book reviews. 

2. Be regular with Monthly Favourites. 

3. Share even the books I didn't like. 

4. Do monthly reading wrap-ups. I don't know why I suck at this! 

5. Do more hauls..because they are just fun! I tend to do spontaneous hauls on IG stories but I want to do them here too. 

6. I also want to be more regular with my planner and stationery posts. I felt like I slipped up in that department last year. 

Happy New Year my loves. 
I hope 2019 treats you well and is everything you want it to be. 


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