Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Vignettes: Summer 2019

Summer 2019 was a long one. 
It got warm in mid-March and stayed scorching all though April and May. 
Summer really isn't my time to shine or feel good. In fact, I pretty much detest summer. Now, summer holidays are a different ball game altogether. The mere memories of those long gone summers make me smile. 
Playing out in the sun all day long. 
Afternoon naps. 
And travel. 
Mostly to Calcutta and some to the hometown. 
Long train rides full of interesting people, food and sights. 
Those trips made summer bearable. 

This summer was spent hiding away from the sun. 
Drinking cold drinks. 
Eating fruits. 
Watching TV shows. 
Cooking simple meals. 
Reading a ton of books. 
Lots of cold showers. 
There was no travel but that's ok. 

Today it rained, heavily with lots of thunder and lightning and the works. 
It was great. Everything that first rains of the year ought to be. Everything feels cooler, cleaner and infinitely more cheerful. I could hear kids in my opposite building hooting with joy. I nearly was out of my window hoping to catch some raindrops. 

So it's perhaps safe to say that this is the beginning of the monsoons. 
And nothing could make me happier. 
Goodbye Summer 2019, you've been OK. 
You brought joy. 
Loads of sun kissed days. 
Mangoes sweet as can be. 

Thank-you and see ya next year. 

Hope summer has treated you well too. 

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