Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Book Haul: Books of April 2019. ( All Indian Books! + Mini-Reviews.)


I am super late in sharing the newest additions to my shelves. It's June and I am still sharing books from April. Gah! I need to do better. 

I got these books as a special treat for Bengali New Year. I got 4 books by Bengali authors and have already  read 2 of them. This entire book haul is just Indian writers and Indian Literature and it makes me so happy. 

Let's jump into the books and my thoughts on them as well. 

I am so excited to get to this book, I started April with All The Lives We've Never Lived and really, really enjoyed it so I want to read more from Anuradha Roy and this book, about a joint family in rural Bengal sounds amazing. 

I literally, just this evening finished this book. It was a perfect read for Pride Month and tells the story of Mohanaswamy, through interconnected short stories. It's about him dealing with his sexuality and the issues it brings up in this conservative and orthodox family. I liked these stories and seeing this world but I did have some issues with the lack of consent in some instances in this book and how they weren't given adequate importance. Consent is everything! And inspite of feeling for Mohanaswamy's plight and struggles his sometimes lack of seeing consent really rubbed me the wrong way. 

This one too has an LGBTQ angle, so if you are looking for a read for Pride Month, you could jump into this book too. A series of gruesome murders of gay men has a journalist and a cop looking for the killer. 
Interesting enough premise but this was a little bit of letdown. 

Another collection of inter-connected short stories set in the Bene Israel community. I liked these stories and this world and this beautiful book is a work of art! 

Set in a summer in the 90s in Calcutta, this book is a slow and steady burn. Nothing much happens, a recently divorced man comes to spend the scorching summer in Calcutta with his young son and his parents. Well-written but just not my cup of tea. 

Never read a Sunil Ganopadhyay book I didn't like. Hoping this one is no different.  

Ah! This book was stunning and wonderful and one of the best things I've read this year. So good! Set across generations from 1857 to 2000 this book was brilliant. Mainly dealt with the women in the family but it also showed the men and what I loved best was it showed two sided to the same situation. 
So good,  full review coming soon. 

Another book by Esther David that I am excited to get too soon. 


1. The Book Of Rachel by Esther David

2. Bombay Brides  "

3. The Inheritors by Aruna Chakravarti 

4. A New World by Amit Chaudhari 

5. Wonder World by Sunil Gangopadhyay 

6. Mohanaswamy by Vasudhendra 

7. Mahim Murders by Jerry Pinto 

8. An Atlas of Impossible Longing by Anuradha Roy 

I still have 2 more rounds of books to share with you guys, all in good time. 
I am so excited for all these wonderful books I get to read soon! 

Happy Reading Folks! 

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