Saturday, 1 June 2019

Hello June 2019 + Goals and Reading Plans.

Hello June! 

Hello Monsoons! 

Hello Rainy Days! 

Hello Lightening and Thunder! 


Can you tell how excited I am for June? 
And how excited I am for the rains!? 
After the hellish heat of May I am ready for gentler days and nights. 
I hope we have good rains this year, for all of us but especially the farmers! 


1. Get back to blogging regularly. I have been majorly slacking on the blog pretty much all this year and I cannot tell you how much it upsets me. This year I've done the least number of posts. :( I really want to do better and starting this month I hope to get my blogging mojo back. So stay tuned for a ton of book reviews and hauls. 

2. Major planner and journal update. May was hideously busy and I need to spend some quality time with my journals in June. 

3. Make and drink loads of masala chai. 

4. Take a walk in the rains. 

5. Make pakoras. 

6. Watch scary movies on a rainy night. 

My goals sound good! 



1. Read a fat book because I don't think I've read a book over 400 pages all year long and it's time to fix that. 

2. Re-read. Another aspect of reading I've ignored all year round. 

3. Read more physical books. Nothing against my Kindle but you guys, I have carpal tunnel syndrome that is getting aggravated by my Kindle use. How sad is that?! And the pain once it comes hurts like a mother! So I have to for most part revert back to physical books, which is not a problem at all. 

4. Read some thrillers to match the rains. 

5. Get my monthly wrap-ups back on track! 


I hope June is kind to you and me. 
Have a fantastic month ahead you guys! 

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