Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Hello July + Things That Make Me Happy.

Hello July! 

Hello Rains! 

Hello Happiness! 


I am so happy July is here and with it the second half of 2019. 
How does time go by so fast?! 
But the second half of the year is my favourite so I am very happy to see all that this time of the year has to offer. 

I want to start this month with some Joy and share some things that have been bringing me sheer joy and happiness recently. 

So let's get into it...

1. First up this lovely little book that warmed my heart and made me smile and cry and fill me up with such good vibes. Left from the Nameless Shop by Adithi Rao was something I read in the last few days and it made me so happy. It's set in a tiny village in Karnataka in the 1980s and is full of kind, simple and good people. Interconnected short stories tell us tales of everyday life and village happenings and honestly some of the best people I've met in a book in a long time. I cannot recommend it enough. I am making my sister read it right now. 
If you were a fan of Malgudi Days, this is just the book for you. 

2. Cake for no reason. 
Cake for cake's sake. 
This one was a Kit-Kat cake of dreams. 
So good! 

3. Rains in all their glory! 
So happy the monsoons are here. 
There is something about the rains that act as such a reset button for me. Everything is better in the rains. 
Except unexpected power cuts, like the kind I endured last night. 11 hours with no power and pouring rain through the night. 
But still I love the rains with my whole heart. 

4. This gorgeous little customised bag from Studio Joyeeta. 
A girl with curly hair and glasses and daises and sunflowers! 
Ah! Perfection. 

5. A Sunshine-y Yellow Tote Bag from Chiaroscuro
Love yellow. Love woven leather. Love this bag! 

6. Re-useable Tote Bags
It is always nice to carry re-usable fabric tote bags with you to bring home groceries or even when you are out shopping the sales. Anything to reduce the circulation of plastic is a good thing. Plus, look how cute the illustrations on this bag are! 

7. Seasonal Fruits
It is so important to eat seasonal fruits, especially, in the summer. Helps one stay cool and it helps that they are delicious! These Indian cherries were amazing! They were sweet and juicy! 

8. Summery Prints
I love wearing soft cottons and hand-block printed outfits during the summer- perfect for hot, muggy days! However, alas, it is now time to say bye to all my whites and handmade leather Kolhapuris and such till October! Mumbai monsoons are not for these delicate things! Crocs and dark colours it is, for now! 

9. Books and Coffee
Perfect companions for rainy day! Cute bookmarks help as well! :) 

10. Thriller and Spooky Shows 

We've been binge watching some good thrillers and spooky shows on Netflix and these are just the ticket for rainy nights in! Highly recommend High Seas (Spanish) and The Chalet (French) for some quick weekend binge fest! 

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