Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Haul: Pins from Say It With a Pin.


Today I want to share a super cute haul of pins. I got these delightful pins a while back...March? April, maybe? 
Well, the point is I got them and I've been using them but I haven't shared them on the blog and these are too cute to not be shared on here. So here we go! 

I got these gorgeous wooden pins from Say it With a Pin, this was my second time ordering from them and I love, love, love everything I got. 

These are so well made.
Such a good size.
The art is fantastic and made in collaboration with artists. 
Most of the pins I got, for instance have been designed by Pranita Kocharekar, whose art style I immensely enjoy. 

Journal Your Anxiety. 
This might as well be my mantra in life. 
Journal my anxiety away is one of my sure fire methods to work through the maze of my anxiety and make sense of the chaotic thoughts running through my head. So this pin spoke to me at all levels. 

Hello beautiful! 
Got this one for my sister, she loves all things birds and I knew she'd love this little guy. 

I am Fabulous. 
Some self affirmation vibes on fleek! 

A cute little cat lady. 
What's not to love?! 

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