Sunday, 29 December 2013

Vignettes~ 2/// Causeway Day.

One of my all time favourite things to do in Bombay is to take a walk on Causeway. Colaba always has a way to cheer me up. A walk on the busy stretch, littered with delightful little stalls with unexpected treasures always makes me smile. I love finding a good bargain and of course the haggling makes the shopping expedition truly special. 

Recently, I spend the day with my family walking around Causeway and spent the evening sitting on Marine Drive and getting gently breezed. 

A cup of chai at Hotel Olympia- a place I had seen a million times but never stepped inside. On this day, dad insisted we stepped for a quick cup of delicious tea. 

The dessert counter at Cafe Leopold, I need to sample some of these goodies! 

Causeway treasures. 

We spent the evening sitting on Marine Drive, closer to the Nariman point bit and it was lovely. We even had 10 rupee coffee and watched the world go by. 

Obligatory Queen's Necklace shot. 

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