Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Book Haul! Faa laaalaaa la la la la la!

These are the 13 books I got for Christmas (like I need an excuse to buy books!). A mix of classics/modern classics/horror and a truckload of Agatha Christie books! 

I got all of these online for a pretty good deal. 

I want to read more Fitzgerald and therefore got 2 of his books. 

The Agatha Christie books just make me so happy and I got each of them fro 100 bucks or less! 

All these books make me giddily happy :) 

Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas and tell me if you got any books? 

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Unknown said...

Ooh, wow! What a great haul! I'm most excited to know about Joyland, if it's creepy-good, please let me know, I'll buy a copy! I love horror!