Saturday, 21 December 2013

Friday Favourites/// Part V.

1. Cuffs// for days when I don't want to create a bangle or bracelet stack, cuffs come to the rescue and make me arm candy choices easy. The ones above are newest to my jewellery collection and I really like them. I haven't worn the silver one yet but the gold-toned one is great on it's own or paired with other friends. 

2. Odd little bookmarks//// Or not so odd in this case. I bought a couple of these strawberry shaped things from Accessorize a year or so ago, and these are technically paper clips. But call me crazy but I simply detest the idea of these as paper clips. I prefer them to be bookmarks. 

If you were wondering what book this is- its Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami- a book I loved and highly recommend. 

3. Bougainvillea/// I love these underrated creepers. They add such a dash of colour to off-coloured walls. The sight of these pink blossoms always makes me smile! 

4. Me/// Rather toon version me. My sister has been doodling her whole life. When we were kids, all my birthday cards came with lovely little doodles and sweet words to go with them. I treasure those cards and those memories. This little face is supposed to be me. Honestly though, I am not this cute :) 

5. Winter means a time to burn scented candles in pretty holders. This little filigreed wonder just makes me happy and makes scented tea-lights so much better!! 

6. Armcandy/// or stacks of bracelets put together. The ones above are from Zara, Blur and the one with sparkly stones is something my grandmother wore in the 1960s. She lived and worked in London and this was something she wore a lot. I love wearing such vintage hand-me-downs, makes me feel like my grandma is along with me on my adventures! :) It also makes me miss her! 

Hope you guys had a wonderful Friday! 

Mine involved Christmas present shopping with maa and sister. My dad went off on a boys holiday with his friends and I hope I am half as fun when I am his age. 

Have a great weekend you guys! 

Mine will involve sleeping, reading and eating....baked goodies and closet cleaning! 

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