Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Wishlist: Books I want for Christmas.

I haven't read this book and I really want to. It sounds cute and I want to read it. 

I read The Thirteenth Tale last year and I LOVED it. And I highly recommend it. I loved the writing and therefore want to read this book....also it's a ghost a no brainer! I need this book! 

Everyone and their mother has read and loved this book. I haven't managed to read it yet, simply because it isn't in stores in India yet. And I don't want to read an eBook. The cover is too pretty to pass up. I am hoping I find it soon. 

I read The Glass Castle by the same author quite recently and I absolutely loved it. Adored it. The book just moved to my tears. I loved Jeannette Walls writing style so much that I want to read every single book she's ever written. 

Finally I have wanted Wildwood for ages. It's a middle grade fantasy adventure book and it's full of delighful illustrations and I wantttttttttttttt it. 

Hope Santa is reading this and deems me good enough to get me these books for Christmas! 

What's on your book wishlist?

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