Saturday, 17 September 2016

Book Haul/// Books of September, Part- I. (Thrillers Galore!)


Time for another book haul. And this time it's one my favourite kinds of books to haul--- Psychological Thrillers! 
I have already read 2/4 books shown here. I love that about these books that I couldn't wait to read these books. I wanted to get cracking the moment I got my hands on them. 
You will find reviews for each of these books on the blog. 
I loved all these books. I love buying books- you knew that already, but I absolutely love buying books and reading them as soon as I get them. Like I used to years ago. I didn't have such an elaborate library back then and a new book meant immediate reading. I sometimes miss that about my reading life, as much as I love having my large personal library. I miss buying books when I needed something to read. 

I got all of these books from Amazon. 

Let's see what I added my bookshelves recently. 

Books Bought: 

The Girls- Emma Cline 
Closed Casket- Sophie Hannah for the Agatha Christie Estate 
Behind Closed Doors- BA Paris 
Fates and Furies- Lauren Groff 

Happy Reading folks :) 

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