Monday, 5 September 2016

Monday Moods: Accessorize Wishlist.

A brand new week is upon us and this week kickstarts Ganesh Chaturthi :) 
So let the festivities ensue. :) 

Last week I found myself browsing in Accessorize and came across some beauties in the store.
Accessorize is one of my favourite stores to shop for jewellery and bags and cute little bits and bobs. :)

This time I saw some adorable cuties from their new collection.
Sadly I didn't buy sister bought a bag...a burgundy tote. I just stared at the bag charms but I just couldn't justify spending Rs. 1345 on a fluffy bag charm. It's quite a lot. But I am so tempted. So tempted to go back and get those squishy faces. But no..I will be strong...maybe..I..ah! 

For now these sit very firmly on my wishlist. 

I also spotted this navy and brown trimmings satchel and love the colour combination. And the funny little polka dots. 


Have a great week ahead folks. 
Happy Reading. 

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