Thursday, 8 September 2016

Book Review: Friends in Wild Places by Ruskin Bond.

Book: Friends in Wild Places

Author: Ruskin Bond

Pages: 160

Read On: Hardback

How Long it Took Me To Read: 2 days

Plot Summary: Since he was a young boy, Ruskin Bond has made friends easily. And some of the most rewarding and lasting friendships he has known have been with animals, birds and plants--big and small; outgoing and shy. This collection focuses on these companions and brings together his finest essays and stories, both classic and new. There are leopards and tigers, wise old forest oaks and geraniums on sunny balconies, a talking parrot and a tomcat called Suzie, bears in the mountains and kingfishers in Delhi, a family of langurs and a lonely bat--and many more 'wild' friends, some of an instant, others of several years.

Beautifully illustrated by Shubhadarshini Singh, this is a gift for nature- and book-lovers of all ages.
General Thoughts: I picked up this book when I needed something amazing to soothe and comfort me. Of course, I went for Ruskin Bond whose books are always a comfort to me.

Things I Loved: 

1. This is simply a wonderful book about happy things. About the quirky and lovely people in Ruskin Bond's family- his animal loving grandfather, his strict but kind grandmother and his various aunts and uncles who are funny and such memorable characters.

2. It is also a book about the most fascinating and interesting and fun animals. A spunky monkey,  a cat, a bear, a snake and squirrels and birds and so much more. A must read for animal lovers.

3. The illustrations are lovely and add so much colour and verve to the stories.

4. The book also talks about gardens and plants and the joy of tending to your own land and having a green thumb.

5. This is a great book for kids but it doesn't lose it's magic for adults either.

6. Like so many of other Ruskin Bond books, this one is a compilation of memories and nostalgia and the way the world used to be, which is always a delight to read.

7. This book made me very happy and it made me want to leave the city living behind and run off to the hills!

8. I laughed out loud in so many points of this book. Like I was seriously chuckling away! Such a fun time.

Rating: 4/5

An utter and total delight.
A must read for fans of the author.

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