Sunday, 4 September 2016

Stationery Sunday: Muji Comes to Mumbai

 As a stationery lover one has come across Muji's products multiple times.. mostly on YouTube. Muji, a Japanese lifestyle brand, is know for its eco-friendly and sustainable products, which encompass clothing, home decor, kitchen supplies and, yes, stationery.. glorious, glorious stationery!

This past week found us visiting Muji's swanky new store inside Palladium Mall in Mumbai. Sharing some pictures and impressions with all of you.

Muji has notebooks and notepads in multiple sizes- A5, A4, A6 and Pocket/Field Notes. The paper quality is very decent and is ver fountain pen friendly. We picked up an A6 notebook for my sister to journal in. 

They also had a ton of post-it notes in multiple sizes and interesting shapes. We didn't pick any up because we have way too many sticky notes *looks guilty* but maybe we'll get some interesting shaped ones next time..

Muji also has a ton of very high quality interesting pens- gel, ballpoint and markers. Pictured here are their really epic transparent tipped markers. Basically, the marker tip is transparent so that you can see the text you are highlighting. 

These are their gorgeous gel ink pens. They come in two nib/tip sizes- 0.38 and 0.5. The pens are so super-smooth and the ink colours are really vibrant. We picked up a pack of 11 gel pens in different colours for Rs. 990. 

Just before you checkout with your haul, there is this beautiful wall of stamps near the cash counter. Look at how pretty these are.. they look like the famous block prints of India and I thought this was such a nice little touch! 

Speaking of stamps, Muji has a fun stamping station. So, if you buy a notebook, you can take it to the stamping station and stamp away to glory! Pictured here is the little A6 notebook that we picked up and stamped the text box and 'happy' banner on it. Cute, right? 

If you are in Bombay, do drop by and check out the Muji store, I am sure you will find something you will love there! 

Have a good week ahead, folks! 

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