Sunday, 25 September 2016

Stationery Sunday: Chic Sparrow Joy Set Up


This week for Stationery Sunday I want to share the set-up of my Chic Sparrow Fauxdori in Joy. I have been in love with Traveller's Notebook since it first arrived in my house! :) I have used her since then...from mid-July I think.
I keep her in my handbag, as my on the go journal. 
And as a journal in which I journal all of my social outings. Where I went, what I did and things like that. I also use it to make lists--- things I need...groceries and otherwise. A very handy, dandy way  to keep track of all things and it's the perfect size to keep in my handbag, no matter how big or small my handbag is. 

Let's see what my Joy looks like. 
I plan on decorating it a bit more..I have some page markers and cute bits on the way. 

'Joy' from Chic Sparrow is vibrant, slightly mustard-y yellow. It is a perfect bright and happy colour. The leather is not stiff and moulds very well to the notebooks inside. 

The first 'insert' (notebook) I have inside is this little grid notebook from PaperGeekCo on Etsy

Did some decoration on the first page- to set the tone for this little book. This is my notebook for documenting little outings, short trips etc. At the end of the year, I love going back and looking through my little 'outing' books. 

Some decorated pages. I love using washi tape and bigger washi tapes as individual stickers! 

The grey ikat print is a folder made out of lovely paper is from Analog Stationers

This is a doodle of me made by my sister! :) 

We would highly recommend Traveler's Notebook system if you want a notebook system that is flexible and highly customisable to your needs. For instance, in the same notebook, you can have inserts (booklets/ notebooks) for journaling, planning, to-do list making, bullet journaling.. whatever you fancy! Also, highly recommend Chic Sparrow as a maker- great quality, quick shipping and a lot of variety in leather! 

Have a great week ahead, folks! :) 

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