Thursday, 15 November 2018

Travel Diary: Jhandi, Gorubathan.

A few weeks ago I went to the hills of Gorubathan for a long weekend trip. 
I was there with my parents, sister and two sets of aunts (mashis) and their husbands and a Mama and his wife. A motley group of 10 people and we had the best time chatting and doing what Bengalis do best- adda
We spent some fun days surrounded by beauty and views that took your breath away! 
It was cold and the air was clean and crisp and there was beauty everywhere you turned your eye. It is a quiet and peaceful place, a perfect place to find a cozy corner and relax with a book and spend your day lost in words and beauty. 

One of the views are a riverbed, the rivers Leesh, Gish and Teesta all meandering along lazily. 

We woke up to clear views of the Kanchanjunga. 
We were lucky to be there on days where there was no cloud cover and the mountains were standing there tall and majestic all morning. Perfect for feasting our eyes all morning long. 

We stayed in a place called Jhandi Eco Huts that is run by the sweetest and most helpful staff. 
The food is a little hit and miss. I would suggest you stick to Chinese food if you go here. 

Hello Beautiful! 

This is the cottage we stayed at.  

These A frame homes are just too cute for words. 

I love that my hometown is surrounded by so many beautiful places, most of them nestled in the hills. There is nothing better than being in the hills and feeling refreshed and renewed. 
I spent my days taking walks, taking a ton of pictures and reading Ruskin Bond (because why not?) and spending time with the family. 

All good things! 

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