Thursday, 1 November 2018

Hello November 2018 + Goals.

Hello November! 

Hello Diwali!

Hello Lights & Festivity!

Hello Kali Pujo! 

Hello Sister's Birthday Month! 

I LOVE November. The year is winding down and all things turn bright and festive. I think everyone is in a good mood. It's a wonderful time to celebrate and be joyful. 

November has always been special. 
I am happy you are here! 

Be Kind. 
Be Gentle. 
Be Good. 


1. Read 7 books. 

2. Write a little bit. I am not doing NaNoWriMo this year since it doesn't make sense to take on an endeavour of this magnitude when I am on holiday and can't devote enough time to writing a whole novel. But I do want to write a little bit. Maybe a short story here and there. The point is, I want to write. 

3. Do more road trips. 

4. Spend time with family. 

5. Go for walks by the river. 

I hope November is good for you and me. 


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