Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Haul/// Book Sleeves from Books N Beyond.

I seem to have taken yet another unplanned break on the blog. 
November has been one adventure after another and I couldn't be happier. 
First Darjeeling for a couple of days and then a few days in the Tea Gardens. 
Travel Diaries for both places coming soon. 

I recently got these darling book sleeves from Books N Beyond. I am having a total book sleeve moment. I find book sleeves extremely useful. It's a great way to protect your books in my bag and they come in handy during travel, where you can carry a couple of books easily together. 

These ones from Books and Beyond are very well-made and cushioned and great to protect your precious books. 

I got 3 book sleeves and one sleeve for my bookmarks! 
I know it's very extra but I couldn't resist the daisy print. 

Darling little homes. 

Daisy love forever. I simply can't resist anything with daisies on them. 
This sleeve can be used to keep your bookmarks or glasses. I am more likely to store some of my precious bookmarks. 

Paper Airplanes! 
This is technically a Kindle Sleeve but it stores skinny little books very well. 
I took this to Darjeeling with my Kindle and a book tucked in comfortably. 

Don't Let The Hard Days Win. 
Got this gorgeous sleeve for my sister. 

I am so in love with all of new sleeves. 
I cannot recommend them enough. 

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