Friday, 27 June 2014

Friday Favourites: Books, Bag, Bombay Local and General Cute.

1. Cute handmade plushie dolls. I don't think that there will ever be a time where I will not love cute toys. I am a full-grown adult but I still melt at the thought of cute dolls and things. I refuse to grow-up! These two sweeties I got from Etsy a couple of years ago from a girl in Australia who makes adorable things!

2. A cute little notebook that I honestly don't have the heart to write in. 

3. Bombay Local Trains are a beast. Crowded but fast. Full of people but the best spot for some uninterrupted people watching.  I took local trains daily for 7 years of college and then Grad school. I loved it. I know how strange that sounds but I really did...

4 & 5. Scenes from a book-shop. The Tidal Waves book-shop in Bandra. I don't go here very often but when I do, I like to browse for a bit and then get some coffee at read and decide on which books I want to bring home with me. 

Sadly, I left the Bukowski book behind! Silly me! 


Unknown said...

ur pics are amazing

Pratibha said...

From where do you get these cute little things :), those dolls are so cuddly and I really really want that notebook :P

Read me here:

Pooja T said...

Thank-you Quais :)

Pooja T said...

Thanks Pratibha, those dolls are from an online store from years ago. I love them :) They are handmade and so sweet! :) The notebook is old too, from's so cute I might never even write in it!