Friday, 29 July 2016

Friday Favourites: Bagh-e-Bahar Colouring Book from Good Earth.

There is something incredibly relaxing about art. About drawing, colouring, creating something. It takes one's mind off the various stresses and worries of everyday life.

I have always loved colouring books. So much so that before 'adult colouring books' became trendy, I used to buy the kiddie ones and colour them in. An elephant balancing a ball on its head, an ice cream cart, a cute cat and so on... They were decidedly "child-like" sketches but I loved colouring them in! So, imagine my delight, when adult colouring books became a thing! There are just so many beautiful ones to choose from out there.. I even have a Traveler's Notebook colouring insert from an Etsy store! So much joy!

Anyway, so, I was on Facebook the other day, when I saw an ad for Good Earth's new 'Mughal Garden' themed colouring book. They had a few pictures of the inside spreads and I didn't need any more persuading! Hopped on to Amazon and quickly placed an order!

Just look at the beautiful book cover! This book has beautiful spreads inspired by themes from Mughal architecture and gardens. 

Some of the spreads have bits that are coloured in, which a good thing as it helps to anchor the colour scheme for that particular page. 

The book also has lovely quotes by Rumi, which goes perfectly with the spirit and vibe of this book. 

Some more spreads.. This one depicts the Chief Grocer and his men making purchases. So cute! 

More Rumi loveliness! Can't wait to get my colouring on! 

Look at the beautiful geometric details. Classic Mughal motifs! 

One of the very few things I have coloured in... I am still figuring out what medium to use.. watercolour pencils, fine liners or water colours.. This was done with my Staedtler Water Colour pencils. 

I am also thinking of using metallic colours to highlight certain parts of the spreads.. to mimic the use of Metallic colours in Mughal miniatures :) 

Lovely, lovely, lovely! 

Have you bought yourself an adult colouring book yet? Which ones are your favourite?

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