Thursday, 21 July 2016

Whimsy Wear: Indian Prints and Styles.


This Thursday I thought I'd share some of my recent Sartorial Choices with you.
These were some of the outfits I wore on my recent holiday.
I love Indian prints, textiles and colours for an Indian Summer. 
I wore loads of prints and mixed several prints over the course of my holiday. 

Let's see some of them shall we? 

A kurta from Global Desi.
An old favourite ring of mine that I got from Levitate Bangalore. 

A kurta from Biba, love the soothing colour and the print is just so pretty. 

A very old top from Fabindia & my super cute earrings from Girl Thinks Co. 
How cute are these elephants?! 

A Kantha stitch dupatta and a jacquard  tunic and an old favourite necklace from Fabindia that I have worn to death but still love just as much. 

And finally, my bag of choice for most of my holiday...a gorgeous Ikat satchel from Ajio. 
It went with every single outfit and added such a lovely pop of colour to my looks. 
Plus it fit everything I needed without being too bulky. 



Unknown said...

Perfect Earrings and other things too.

EJ said...

Love the AJIO bag. So beautiful.

Pooja T said...

Thank you so much Ruchi :)

Pooja T said...

Thank you so much EJ. :)