Monday, 18 July 2016

Monday Moods: Klever Cases for the Kindle!


I am back! 

I feel like I've been mostly gone from this blog of mine for a while.
Travel and then being back home and trying to get the house back in order has taken up most of my time. And then I hurt my leg rather badly and have been in a world of pain and discomfort! So blogging had taken a bit of a backseat. 
But that stops today. 
Today I return to blogging regularly. 
And what better way to start than to showcase my brand-new love! 
A little over a week ago, my sister spent a good amount of time drooling over these beauties.
I had previously heard about Klever Cases and had it in the back of mind to get  one of these. 
And last week we took the plunge and ordered 3 of these beauties! 

I am so happy with these cases, they are so incredibly beautiful and well-made and simply stunning. 
Really sturdy and honestly they look and feel like a hardback book. 
I couldn't be happier! 

Let's see the beauties shall we...

We got 3 classic covers..

Wuthering Heights--- which is one of our favourite books of all time. 
The Book of Spells--- because Harry Potter is life! 
To Kill a Mockingbird--- another old favourite. 

Aren't these covers just beautiful? 

I am so in love. 

I can't recommend them enough. 

You can get these cases directly from their website  KleverCase 


You could get them from their Etsy Shop 

I am off to finish my physical book that I am currently reading...Hattie Big Sky and then I am grabbing my Kindle, all dressed up in her new outfit and read an ebook. 
So excite! 

Have a great week ahead folks! 



krypton02 said...

The Book of Spells one is gold!!!!! #LOVEEET

Pooja T said...

Isn't it? I was debating between getting it or a Pride and Prejudice one but of course Harry Potter won! :) They are so well made and so precious!