Friday, 22 July 2016

Friday Favourites: Fauxdori + Bookmarks + Owl Tote + Bombay Rains + Art!


It's Friday and that means it's time to line up some things I've been loving lately. 

I have been loving the lovely rains we've had all week long in Bombay.
And to add to the mood I've been reading psychological thrillers all week long! 
Reviews and thoughts on the same coming soon.
Right now I am just getting started with an Agatha Christie mystery--  Cat Among Pigeons! 
My weekend reading seems all sorted. 

My Friday has been lovely.
I've been resting my busted leg and watching a shit ton of videos on Youtube and reading in bed.
I also talked to my Dad and caught up on things. 
Made myself a simple lunch and drank some orange juice. 
Also there was Pizza! cleaning supplies...well I am a Monica Gellar at heart and this bring me joy! 

Now on to some of my recent loves....

1. A Chic Sparrow Traveller's Notebook in Joy! 
Such an apt name for a bright and happy colour.
My sister ordered this and has very kindly let me use this first. 
I love it so much. 
I use her for lists, observations and documenting happy days. 

2. My Bag of the Week is my Chumbak tote, that I got 2 years ago...but didn't use it.
Bad me!
I love these happy little owls and the super bright colours on this tote bag.
I don't think you can get this exact bag anymore. But this print is available on some other Chumbak creations. 

3. Bookmarks from Fabindia!
Oh My!
Aren't these just gorgeous!? I fell in love with these babies the moment I spotted them in Fabindia and got these to add to my rather massive collection of bookmarks. 
I have no regrets. 

4. Bombay Rains.
Bombay Love. 

5. Prisma is giving me such a chuckle. It's so fun to see ordinary pictures turn into works of art. 
This picture for instance is a bit of agricultural land in West Bengal and now it looks like a trippy colour explosion. 
Ah! Love it. 

Hope your Friday was a Fri-Yay and your weekend turns out to be lovely. 


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