Monday, 11 July 2016

On the Telly: New Summer Shows We're Loving!

Typically, for TV series lovers such as my sister and I, summer is the worst time of the year. This is when most of the American TV series we watch go off on a hiatus/ season break and we're left with pretty much nothing to watch. However, thanks a few new summer shows, we now feel quite sorted right up until September! :)

So, here are the shows that we've been loving

1. Dead of Summer is a supernatural slasher film set in 1989 against the backdrop of a summer camp. It is a perfect combination of horror + thriller with the usual cast of teenage characters of all sorts- the sexy girl, the shy girl, the geeky guy etc. There is an interesting backstory of Camp Stillwater, where the main characters work as camp counsellors, most probably something to do with Devil worship/ Satanic rituals. So far, so very good.

2. American Gothic is a mystery/ thriller mini-series, which focuses on a wealthy Boston family, who most likely have a connection with several serial killings that had rocked Boston 14 years ago. Each and every family member, down to the ten year old grandson, is very sketchy and anyone or more of them could be the infamous 'Silver Bells Killer'. Excited to see where the story takes us.

3. New Blood is a crime thriller show and the first case (spread over three episodes) was not your typical serial killer-gone-nuts type of the story. And oh, before I forget, this series is written by Anthony Horowitz, who, if you remember has been authorised by the Arthur Conan Doyle Estate to write a few new Sherlock Holmes stories. The House of Silk has been reviewed here. So, needless to say, we were very excited to watch this show and it did not disappoint. Can't wait to see the next case in the series!

4. The Living and The Dead is a supernatural drama series set in England in the late 19th century. It is the story of a psychologist, who moves to manage his country estate after the death of his mother and various supernatural events start happening around him. The first episode was about possession and was done pretty well. Excited to see the rest of the series!

Is there anything you've been watching and loving lately? We've been waiting for UnReal's second season to end so that we can binge watch it! Please share your TV recommendations/ guilty pleasures with us!


krypton02 said...

Dead of Summer is making me think of The Final Girls, which I just watched recently... Though that one was more comedic. So will download this, soon. I loved Stranger Things, I have watched it twice now and missing it so bad. :-(

Pooja T said...

I watched Final Girls too and quite liked it, funny and I love slasher movies and even this ode to it was nice. Stranger Things was bae! I love those little kids! I can't wait for season 2.