Friday, 26 August 2016

Friday Favourites: Owl Bag + Books + Stickers + Fox Necklace & Sunsets.


It's Friday and it's time to list some of my favourite things! 
This Friday has been a rainy little day.

Let's jump into some of my favourites shall we...

1. Sun-kissed Books! Both by Ruskin Bond.  Both signed. Both I need to read soon!

2. Owl Bag/// She is precious but way too tiny for me to carry out and about as a bag, so I use her to carry jewellery when I travel. 

3. Mr. Fox//// A cutie to boot! I got him from Claire's. Love him!

4. Sunsets the colour of Marmalade.

5. A bunch of adorable stickers I found in an activity book for children. Gah! These are almost too cute to use...but I have used a couple and they are lovely. This is from Accessorise.

Happy Friday everyone. 
Mine has been an eventful one..well full of misadventures for sure. 
My bedroom fan randomly turned itself off last night at about 3:30 am. Even though the AC was working's just odd without the fan. I just couldn't go to sleep! #firstworldproblems 
I was wide awake till 9:30 am,  by then I had moved to the living room. I slept fitfully till noon when our electrician arrived and fixed the fan.
 Ah! The unmitigated joys of adulting. Seriously though, I am so happy to have a working fan in the bedroom again. :) #muchblessed 
After the electrician left, I had to clean up the mess he made fixing the fan and updated my Dad on all the activity. 
Then it was time to head back to my now perfect bedroom and take a nap! 
I may have even had an ice-cream to celebrate the blessed fan working again! :) 

Hope your Friday was funner. 
Have a lovely weekend folks! 

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