Monday, 22 August 2016

Monday Moods/// Roses + GoodReads Reading Challenge Achieved.


For this week's Monday Moods...I want us to stop and smell the roses. 

These roses were all rain soaked and gorgeous in the gardens of the tea garden bungalow. 
I spend a good amount of time just walking through the rose garden taking in the beauty. 


Have a wonderful week ahead folks. 

I started this week on a bit of a high note. 
I reached my GoodReads goal of reading 100 books! 
It took a little longer this year. Normally I get to 100 books by June. But this year has  been full of travel and other distractions and books have taken the slightest of backseats. But still, 100 books read already in the year is a good thing be. A good thing! 
So excited to make my challenge. 
Now I am free to read what I want to. Re-read and read big, fat huge books! 
Good things all.