Friday, 5 August 2016

Monthly Favourites/// June 2016.


My June favourites are wayyy to late, but here they are. I have quite a few things I loved in the month of June and so I think they deserve a whole post to themselves and not clubbed together with July--the post is coming soon. 

Let's see what I loved in June. 

1. Visiting my Hometown/// Ah! June was spent in bliss in my hometown in West Bengal.
I loved my time here. Even though the summer kicked my ass! I was dying, melting and just not dealing well with the heat.
But there were thunderstorms and rains and lovely weather interspersed with the heat and it was wonderful.
I loved seeing my family, spending time with my parents and eating delicious food!

2. Kantha Dupattas///  Things of beauties these. I have always had a soft spot and fondness for these beauties and often marvelled at my sister's collection. This time around, I actually bought one for myself. The red one above.
I wore it at a wedding and I am going to incorporate it more in my regular style.

3. Favourite Bag of the Month/// This one from Ajio that I've mentioned a few time already. Love it. The colour, the style and of course the ikat fabric.

4. Tea Gardens/// Going to one of my favourite places in the world has got to be a highlight of June.
I loved the 2 days I spent just chilling, smelling the roses (literally) and drinking endless cups of Darjeeling Tea. Time time we also got to go to the factory and go see my mother's grandfather's home. It was so nice...all of it. I am so grateful for this place and it's history.

5. Skincare Favourites/// These two products saved my skin like no other. My skin was super oily and the humidity was making me break out all over my forehead! I was really bumming hard. I love the Himalayas Neem Face wash and have done so for years. And when my skin was just going to hell, I picked this up and it was perfect. Made my skin suitably matte and kept pimples at bay.

I also love this face pack which helped in clearing up my breakouts.

6. Favourite Watch/// I wore this Dream Catcher watch a lot during June and got a ton of compliments on it. I love how it perfectly went with pretty much everything I wore.

7. Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Remover/// For years I've been very loyal to the Inglot Nail Polish remover---it's really, really good. But in June I saw this in a local beauty store and picked it up and I am so glad I did. It is simply wonderful. It takes off even the most glittery of nail polished easily and it smells nice and leaves my nails looking and feeling great. So good! Plus it's a drugstore product and it's affordable.

8. Darjeeling Tea/// I am a coffee person. Absolutely and completely. Yet every time I head to the hometown I find myself enjoying the subtle joys of Darjeeling Tea. I end up drinking a few cups a day and enjoying the little rituals of evening tea.

9. Colouring Books//// I took just one of my Adult Colouring Books on holiday with me and thought I probably won't get time to colour. Well, I was very busy for most part. But I did end up colouring quite a bit. I would put my phone and social media aside and just colour and unwind while watching TV or a movie with my parents. Utterly relaxing and a perfect way to just calm down.

10. Favourite Movie--- Praktan (Bengali)/// I watched this movie in the cinema theatre, something I don't often do. I just prefer watching movies at home for most part.

This is a Bengali movie, the title means Former. In this case a former love. An ex.
It's a story about this couple who were madly in love and got married inspite of their differences. Things don't go according to plan and they go their separate ways.
Years later the woman is taking a train for Bombay to Calcutta and sharing her compartment is her ex-husband's current wife!

There was so much I loved in this movie.
The humour was great.
The premise was so good.
Plus the train journey is one I am very familiar with and it just brought back so many memories.
Apart from the lead characters there are also several other characters in this movie that were endearing.

I really enjoyed this movie and I highly recommend it.

You can watch the trailer HERE.

This is all of the things I loved in June.
June was a good month.


Unknown said...

The tea gardens look so pretty!!
Try the Himalaya neem scrub as well. It works amazingly with the pack.

Pooja T said...

Thanks :)
I will try the scrub. Love the entire Neem line it does such good things for my skin!