Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Monthly Favourites/// July 2016.


July is long gone and now it's time to list all the things I've loved in July. 
July was a long month where there was a lot of cleaning and getting used life back in Bombay after a month long holiday in my parent's hometown. 

It involved a lot of reading.
Hobbling on my torn ligament leg...no fun in the least. 
Enjoying the rains.
July was a good month. 

Let's see some of my favourite thing in July. 

1. Chic Sparrow Traveller's Notebook in Joy/// Ah! I am in love with this fauxdori. I love how well made it is and I love the colour. This one stays in my handbag and is a nifty place to take notes and make lists. So much in love with this! 

2. Bagh-e-Bahar Colouring Book/// I finally got my hands on this gorgeous colouring book in July and have coloured in a few pages. 
It really is utterly gorgeous and a great to relax and unwind. 

3. Bombay Rains//// The monsoon in Bombay really is a thing of joy.
For me at least. I know a lot of people don't feel this way. But to me the rains are thing of solace. I love how things just look so ethereal in the rains. I love cloudy skies and I love the sound and smell of rains. 
July was wonderfully rainy and it made my heart so happy! 

4. Favourite Bag-- The Cord Hemi Cycle Bag in Echo/// My sister got this bag last year and I just fell in love with it's unique shape and of course an indigo element is always a good thing in my books. I carried this in July and I adored how it made every outfit just a little bit better. 
You can get it from Cord. 

5. Ice-Cream from Naturals/// I had a lot of ice-cream in the month of July. 
And most of it was from Naturals. I especially loved the choco-almond flavour. It is so good. 
I also love the tender coconut and the kesar pista is good too. 

6. Klever Cases for the Kindle//// Oh Joy! 
Aren't  these just beauties :) 
We got 3 new covers for our Kindles. 
And I love all of them. These are the ones we have on our Kindles right now.
I am using the Book of Spells one and my sister is using the Wuthering Heights one. 

7. Domino's Pizza..Burger/// Another food favourite! 
When I first saw the ads for this new concoction, I was kinda skeptical. It sounded a little weird. But I tried it and I loved it. It's really nice. I get the chicken pizza burger which is filling and fairly affordable. :) 

8. New Bookmarks from Fabindia/// I got 3 of these bookmarks from Fabindia. The indigo ones came together and the owl one came with a matching notebook. 
I am so in love.
If you haven't browsed the stationery section of your local Fabindia I urge you to do so. I love the treasures I find there. 

9. Garnier Ultra Blends Shampoo/// I couldn't resist these shampoos! :) 
I've tried 3 of these shampoos, this one and the Lavender one and the one with five essential herbs. I really enjoy these shampoos. And want to try the other ones too. I love trying new shampoos, they make baths a little more interesting than they already are! 

10. Stranger Things/// Like everyone else in the world I am in love with this show!
It is so good.
Just everything about this show is so good.
The thing I loved best about this show is how accurate and real the 80s look and feel in this show. It genuinely looks like the 80s. 
And the kids in this show are golden. Their dynamics and bond is just lovely. 
If you haven't watched this yet...do it do it now! 

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