Thursday, 26 July 2018

Jewellery Haul: Silver Earrings from Manjha. (Part- I)

Long time no haul. 

Today I want to share a quick little haul of silver earrings from Manjha. 
Manjha- has been on my radar for a while now, nearly a year. Initially, I was not too comfortable getting silver online via the numerous Instagram shops. But earlier this year, we, my sister and I have tried a few shops and so far we've not been disappointed *touch wood* 

Manjha has always caught my eye with their designs and I am so glad we finally got something from them.
We love these earrings and this is only part-I of our picks from Manjha, we've since gotten more pieces from them, I will be sharing those soon too. 

Our first pick is this vintage style engraves earrings with floorers and birds on them. I wanted something in this style for a while and I am so glad I finally have something like this. :) 
These earrings are gorgeous and pretty light weight and can be worn for long periods of time without pulling down your ear lobes. 

As you know we are obsessed with glass embedded jewellery. We a few colours in our collection but we wanted a red one since it's my sister's favourite colour. This one with a floral detail caught our eye. I cannot explain how light this earring is! It's a delight to wear. 

I highly, highly recommend Manjha.
The quality is great.
The pricing is decent. 
They have trendy but slightly different styles. 
The delivery and packaging were both great. 
Do check them out if like us you are a silver lover like us! 

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