Saturday, 28 July 2018

General Whimsy: Endlessly Charming.


Just want to share some things that I find endlessly charming...
Hope you are having a restful Saturday and are all set for  good weekend! 

1. Mumbai at takeoff. A city wrapped in clouds and covered in raindrops. Makes even harsh realities a little softer. Or maybe it's just me. Maybe rains manage to soothe and comfort my heart into seeing everything prettier. 

2. Llamas on a tote bag. 
I shall we thoroughly disappointed if I were to exit this planet without having had the good fortune of meeting one of these darling creatures in person. They look so fluffy! Please God, make this wish come true. Send a llama or two my way. 
Tote bag from Accessorize, bought on super sale via Jabong. 
Now isn't that endlessly charming. 

3. Benedict Cumberbatch. 
In a TV show. 
In a film. 
On a book cover. 
I'd find him endlessly charming if I met him in a smelly barn. 
This man is a dreamboat! 

4. Books with illustrations in them. 
This full page illustration is from Snow and Rose by Emily Winfield Martin that I read earlier in the month and loved. 
Seen here are Rose and Snow and their mother going to the village market. All bundled up in coats looks charming as hell. 

5. Cute little fat bird! 
This thicc beauty is a little tote (I am having a totes tote moment!) that my sister picked up from By Loom, Kolkata. Look at their darling faces! 
So freaking cute. 

6. Anything Rifle Paper Co. to me is endlessly charming. Their art and aesthetic is one of my favourite things ever. 
This pouch from Lyra and Co. is so beautiful and well-made, I just need to decide how I want to use it. 
A pencil pouch maybe?! 

Have a good weekend guys! 

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