Sunday, 29 July 2018

Stationery Sunday/// A few of my Favourite Things..Lately!


Hope your Sunday is going according to plan! 
Mine has been a good mix of action and inaction. 
My sister is back home after a couple of days away on work, so we've been catching up and trying to rest today. 
Currently, we are both sitting cozy with our respective reads. 

Since it's Sunday I figured I might as well share some of my stationery favourites from recent times. 
These are all mostly things my sister has been loving lately. 
So let's jump into shall we? 

This gorgeous dual toned traveller's notebook is from The Black Canvas, who make some amazing traveller's notebooks and are are one of the few people doing so in India. So if you are in the market for a traveller's notebook and don't want to order one from abroad this is a good place to look into. 

I love the colours of this dori. They gel so well together and not to mention mint and coral are some of my favourite colours. This is in an A6 size and it currently holds my sister's Hobonichi Techo and does so very comfortably. 
Highly recommend! 

Another thing my sister is very obsessed with right this moment is this very handy pouch from Delfonics. 
It is made from a very sturdy canvas and has lots of pockets and slip pockets to hold your stationery bits and bobs. 
Of course, we had to decorate it well with some buttons and badges and pins. 
I am OBSESSED with enamel pins at the moment. I just can't have enough of them. 
The pins are buttons here are from various sources..
Ali Express.
La Dolce Vita. 

A closer look. 

A traveller's notebook perfect for the monsoons. 
I got this beauty from Wish. 
So freaking cute! 

I am yet to move into it but I better hurry before the rains leave! 

A super cute pencil bag! 
It looks like a school bus. :)
So adorable! 
This one was bought off of Wish too. 

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