Sunday, 1 July 2018

Hello July 2018 + Kurta Haul + Current Read.

Hello July! 
Hello second half of 2018!
Hello Rains! 

I honestly can't believe the first half of the year is gone just like that!
Here's the next half of the year and hope it's as good as the first half. 

My Goals for July are pretty simple. 

- As far as reading goes this month I intend to read a lot of western literature and mainly keep away from Indian books. Why? Well, August for me means my annual Indian Books in August, during which I read books from India and the Indian subcontinent. So I want to stay away from Indian books in July so I can go all in during my August reading.

- I also hope to get some writing done in July. 

- Enjoy the rains. 

- Read some good books. 

Keep things simple and sweet! 

Now on to some hauling! 
I recently got these kurtas from the Myntra sale. They had some amazing deals going and I got me some cotton kurtas and dresses all from this brand called Anouk. 
I love the colours and prints on these and can't wait to wear them! 

I honestly can't resist anything with an elephant on it. 
They are so cute! 

I am starting July with one of my favourite writers- Truman Capote and this short essay, well actually, an interview he did with Marlon Brando in 1957. I am 10 pages in and already in love with his trademark writing style and even getting to see snippets of old Hollywood. There are causal mentions of Tennessee Williams and Greta Garbo and I am living for it. I should be finishing this up by this evening, if not earlier and then I am going to figure out my tentative TBR for the rest of the month. 

Also, this circle bag is a new addition to my life and is one I've wanted for absolute ages. It features the art from one of my favourite illustrators Angie Rozelaar. I've followed her on Instagram for ages and when I saw that Daily Objects has some of her artwork I knew I had to get me a little something. This circle bag seemed too cute to pass up! 

I hope you have a very good July! 

Happy Reading folks! 


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