Sunday, 9 September 2018

Stationery Sunday: A6 Notebooks from The Kulture Shop + Tote Bag.


Hope your Sunday was wonderful! 

Today I want to share a quick haul of notebooks I picked up from The Kulture Shop. I went to their Kala Ghoda store and spent some time browsing all the great art they have in their shop. Someday I want to go and get some prints for my walls. But on this excursion I got these notebooks, a tote bag, two tees and a mug. 

The notebooks are an A6 size with 96 pages and they are very well made and have blank pages, so you could use them to sketch and doodle. 

I am using mine for my Bujo and am very pleased with it. 


Here is a little glimpse at my Tote Bag. It is so gorgeous. I love the colours and the print and the very tropical vibes of the bag. 

The bag itself is very well made and sturdy. 
So gorgeous and colourful. 


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