Saturday, 29 September 2018

A Day in my Life: Travelling to the Hometown.


I write this post sitting in my hometown of Jalpaiguri. Now if I am being serious this isn't as much my hometown as much as it is my parent's hometown and my family home. I visit here once a year if I can manage it. The last time I was here in 2016 and last years I couldn't come here, so this year we, the sister and I were determined to come here and stay for Pujo. 

I love coming here and just being a big lazy slob. 
But there is a lot to do here. People to meet. Family to catch up on and gossip with. Places to go and hopefully head to the hills. 

Got here yesterday after a whole day of travel. It's a four hour flight in total. 
Mumbai- Guwahati- Bagdogra. 
Then around 2 hours drive later we were home. 
Here are some snippets of my travel day. 

Early morning flights can be brutal! Leaving home at 4:30 AM is no fun. But seeing the sun rise and seeing it over the clouds is pretty neat. 

Bye Bye Bombay! 
See ya soon! 


Scenes while driving home. Littered with greenery and mini tea-gardens. A treat to the eye. 

Our home here is named after my Thamma (paternal grandmother) Nupur. I choose the name for our home here, my Dad couldn't decide on the name so I suggested naming it after my Thamma who built this home. 

Flowers in bloom in my mother's little garden. 

I love how this part of the world is so green and lush, it makes me so happy to see fields brimming with crops. 

I am so thrilled to be home. I am all about getting a break from cooking and being an adult. It's so nice to have my parents around and being a kid again. 


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