Friday, 28 March 2014

Friday Favourites/// Plants + Flowers + Pendants!

1. Spring+ Summer is here and though I am not a big summer fan, I can appreciate the greenery and the splendour. The sun shining and the flowers blooming is pretty magnificent. 

2. Pretty little boxes to house treasure and a purple plant to match. I love these quiet corners of my home. 

3. Mint nail polish just scream summer to me. Soothing and oh-so-fresh. 

4. A pretty little pendant. This one opens up, I've always wanted to keep something in these type of pendants but have never, ever figured out what! Maybe a bit of poetry folded up really small? Or a quote. There is one from Great Expectations I am loving...might do that! 

5. Colourful little bugger. Erasers and lipbalm. Never used in their intended roles, I use these for decor! 

Happy Weekend guys. I am looking forward to sleeping in and finally reading something I like..I've just been picking up all the wrong books! Gah! I hate not reading something and enjoying it and finishing it. I need to find a fun book! 

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