Thursday, 20 March 2014

Vignettes- 5: A few of my Favourite Things!

1. This is pretty much one of my favourite books ever. Top 3 for sure..I love this book. I read it when in first came out and I remember thinking to myself..."This is what good writing reads like!" I can't recommend this book enough. Jhumpa Lahiri in general is amazing and I love her writing to bit, but this book in particular is pretty damn fantastic. If you haven't read it yet, seriously, give this book a go. It's a great place to start reading Lahiri. 

2. A print on my loved tee-shirt of mine. An old fashioned Bombay city cab. I love these little Fiat black and yellow taxis, I took them all the time when I was in college, haven't taken one in a long, long time. 

3. A gorgeous little bag from Jaipur that my sister picked up, when she was Jaipur on work a couple of months back. I can't wait to go to Jaipur! See the sights and shop like a maniac. Hopefully, this year I might get to go to Jaipur! *Fingers crossed and toes crossed for good measure too* 

4. Tea Center- an old timey establishment full of wonderful tea and good food. I hadn't been to Tea Center till late last year. I always thought it was a grown-up sorta establishment and probably didn't let everyone in. In my defense, my father has very many meetings and such there, so in my head it was always a grown-up spot. I am silly! I went to college, literally in the lane behind Tea Center and never once visited it in all of my 5 years of college! (No, I didn't repeatedly flunk in college, in India, in Bombay in particular, we have 2 years of junior college and 3 years of under-grad, thus 5 years of wonderful college years!) 

5. An old favourite of mine, I love this watch, it ran out of battery a few years ago and I let it sleep while I bought a couple of other watches and sorta forgot about her. I recently, had her fixed and I love wearing her again. Yes, she is a her. She is red and a girl. 

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