Saturday, 15 March 2014

Friday Favourites: Bag, Mints and BC!

Hello All! 

Happy Friday and happy thoughts for the upcoming weekend. Here in India, this weekend we celebrate Holi- the festival of colours. So to those of you gearing up for Holi have a safe and happy Holi. I have never been big on Holi. As a child, the water balloons scared the crap out of me and the whole messy colour splattered-ness that Holi signifies, while pretty to think about, in reality can be quite horrid. So I will be staying indoors and dry and sans colour! 

My favourites tonight are a mixed bag...starting with a delightful little Chair Print bag from People Tree. It was a Christmas present and a rather apt one considering it's very Christmas like colours! I just loveddddd the quirky print and the retro looking chairs. 

This is going to be my year of Fitzgerald! I have 3 books, these two and a short story collection that I want to read this year. I also adore the covers of these books! 

Mints of choice- Love the mini Altoids. I also love cinnamon Altoids but wanted to try the Wintergreen ones and I love them. 

But there is nothing and no one I love more than Benedict Cumberbatch. Guys...I might have a problem..I just might be slightly mental about this man. He is soooo hot! If you haven't seen Sherlock...what is the matter with you? You need to see it ASAP! I love these BBC books editions of Sherlock Holmes. I have collected 5 books in these formats and I am one happy girl! I am currently coveting Parades End with BC on the cover. The book sounds amazing and it has BC on the cover. I NEED TO HAVE IT. 

What have you been loving lately? 

Have a Good Weekend All! :)

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