Wednesday, 19 March 2014

March 2014 Book Haul.

After my Book Buying madness in Feburary, I wanted to keep my book buying to a minimum. So I enforced a Book-Buying Ban...and I think I did quite well. I can't go cold turkey on books, it just won't happen! Also it might make me go crazy, crack and buy 30 books in retaliation! Eek! So I take my bans in moderation and with a pinch of humour. 

I try to minimise my book buying. 6 books in all of this far...19 days and 6 books. I don't know it seems rather impressive to me! I mean I am someone who buys 6 books in one go! So this is mighty great. 

I once again bought 3 Modern Classics- I am really enjoying Modern Classics at the moment. 

A short story collection by Neil Gaiman. 

And of course another Sherlock book with the beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch on the cover! I mean I had really...this is the how far I am in the Sherlock Holmes once I read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, I can read the rest of the delightful series! Fun! 

And I got a creepy sounding book by Dean Koontz. I haven't read anything else by him before so this should be fun, I hope his book is nice and spooky! 

I might not buy any other books this month...I just don't have anything on my wishlist that I am in the tearing hurry to intentions in any case! 

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