Friday, 11 November 2016

Friday Favourites/// Fall + Desk Scene + Flowers + Sloth+ Bangles.

1. Fall in my city. 

2. Desk Scenes. 
Book + Notebook + Pens. 

3. Flowers and Positive Messages. 

4. Sloth Love. 
And Matte Nails. 

5. A box of bangles. 
The box is from Art n Light  and the bangles are from a bunch of places. A nifty way to keep my bangles in one place. 

Hope you are having a good Friday. 
And have a great weekend folks.
I've been a bit blue lately, since the Election Results. 
I know it's not my country yet I find myself quite disheartened about how things turned out. 
Seeing hate and racism and sexism being rewarded just seems wrong.

I plan on doing a lot of mental self-care this weekend.
Reading something good. 
Watching funny movie.
Drinking hot chocolate. 

Just doing things that make me feel good. 

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