Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Haul// Field Notes Lunacy Edition

Field Notes is an American-made brand of pocket-sized notebooks that are loved all over the world. Field Notes are not available in India and so, we have found ourselves some locally made pocket notebooks that are also very high quality.

A few weeks ago, Field Notes launched their new 'Lunacy' edition. These are gorgeous matte black notebooks with die-cut covers showing three phases of the moon. We saw, we drooled, we ordered. So, here you go, our little Field Notes haul! :)

Here are the three 'Lunacy' notebooks! Aren't they gorgeous!!!   

Phase I of the moon. 

Phase II.. 

The full moon. So pretty! 

The die-cut cover.. so pretty! :) 

Field Notes can be order from their website and they ship worldwide. We received our notebooks around two weeks after placing our order, which is pretty decent for items that come here all the way from the US! We'll definitely be ordering more! Love their creative covers and the dot-grid pages inside.

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