Monday, 21 November 2016

Monday Moods: The Office.


I seem to have done a disappearing act on the blog here! 
Not intentional.
I fell a little sick last week and had to take some time off and just be and read and heal.
Plus it was my sister's birthday and I wanted to spend time with her and my family. 
So the little blog was ignored! 

But I am back and with lots of posts in mind.

This Monday has been a fun one.
I got haircut. A proper one since April,  so it was long over due. 
A haircut does so much for one's soul.
I feel like a new woman.
I mean not entirely but let's just say I feel really good! 
Then I had a nice lunch with my sister and her partners and it was good food and fun conversation. 

Now I am pooped and sitting in my sister's office and writing this post, so here are some snippets from my sister's office. 

A little peek into what I carry in my bag. 
Wallet & Card Holder.
Make-Up Bag.
Pineapple Bag for iPod. 
Hand Sanitizer.
Bag Clip.

The couch in my sister's office in the sunlight. 

Coffee Mug in my sister's office. 
It's from Chumbak and so cute! 

On the desk. 
Books, Bookmark and Coffee. 

My Moleskine Cahier to write down and elaborate on my story ideas. 

Have a great week ahead folks. 
I will be back with book reviews soon! 



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