Sunday, 6 November 2016

Stationery Sunday: Letternote Pocket Notebooks

Letternote is a brand of stationery that is made in India. We have ordered from them in the past and last week, we placed another little order with them, this time for their new 'pocket' notebook series.

Letternote's paper quality is quite nice and it takes all kinds of inks pretty well without bleed-through. It even works very well with fountain pens and very dark gel pen inks.

Here's what we ordered from Letternote:

A mix of A6 (the two left-most notebooks) and Pocket (3.5x5.5) size notebooks. 

These three Pocket sized notebooks are 3.5x5.5 inches in size and are covered with Kraft paper and are lined inside. 

This one has tiny clouds on the front and says 'Dreams' on the back. 

This one says 'Shop'.. will probably use this to track shopping lists for groceries for 2017 or something of that sort. 

This one has a tiny carousel on the front and the word 'Joy' on the back. 

This is an A6 sized notebook. The Letternote site classifies these as 'Pocket' but be sure to check out the size. These are unlined/ blank notebooks and I love the cover artwork. 

This is another A6 notebook and the cover features Letternote's 'Joyful Living Manifesto'. I love this 'manifesto' of theirs. A perfect reminder to all of us to disconnect and find the joy in the small things. 

Here they are- the two A6 notebooks. I plan to use them in my A6 Traveler's Notebooks in 2017 as bullet journal inserts. 

Letternote has a nice collection of notebooks as well as some neat 2017 planners and diaries. So, if you haven't yet bought a planner or diary for 2017, then do check out the options at Letternote.

Have a great week, everyone!

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