Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Monthly Favourites: November 2016.


November has drawn to a close and what a month it has been. 
Long..sometimes it felt too long.
Trump Won. 
Demonetisation became a nightmare in my country. Common folks have had to line up in never-ending queues for their own money. People dying, DYING for their life-savings. It's not nice.  I do most of my transactions online and using my card so this doesn't fully make my life a misery but it isn't pleasant. 

Oh! November you've been a tricky one. 
But there were also sister's birthday.
Lots of quiet happy moments and some let's get into it. 

1. Mild Autumn/// The weather affects my mood like no other. 
And this mildness in the sun and the gentle and kind breeze of November was a soothing balm after the scorching heat of October. 

2. Moccasins/// I have worn these black moccasins pretty much exclusively in November. Winter and moccasins are a match made in heaven. These ones from Max and were pretty affordable and go with  pretty much everything. 

3. Favourite Dori/// This little floral delight arrived from Tip Toe and Tulip and it has been my journal on the go and the one that lives in my bag. I love the floral print and the free tulip paper clip is just adorable. Love it! 

4. Arts & Colouring/// These DIY bookmarks are just the best. 
First up you get to colour these in and then you get a bookmark.
And there ain't such a thing as too many bookmarks! 
The pens are from Muji which are amazing to both colour with and write with. 

5. Paper Geek Co. Washi Tapes/// Got a bunch...a big ole bunch of gorgeous Washi Tapes. So pretty and we got them on a good deal too. 
Check out the shop HERE. 

6. Favourite Bag/// This pink suede satchel from Princess K was a birthday gift in 2014 and I recently went back to using it and I love it. It's super soft and has just the right amount of space in. Added a bauble from H&M for some pop. Love this bag! 

7. Journal/// This new gorgeous journal came home with me and will be journal (my diary for thoughts and feelings) in 2017. 
I love it, isn't it beautiful? 
Also these fluffy creatures are so cute! They are badges and can be put on outfits and bags. 
So cute! 
A proper haul will come soon. 
All of these are from Accessorize. 

8. Netflix and Chill/// I have finally succumbed to the Netflix bug. And I am loving it! 
I joined to watch the Gilmore Girls Revival and I am hooked to Netflix. There is so much to watch and stay entertained. I am especially looking forward to watch a ton of Christmas movies in the last week of December. I highly recommend you try Netflix..but be prepared to have your life taken over by it, but in a good way. 
I am currently binge watching a show called Lovesick. I've finished the first season and have started on the second season. 

9. Nykaa Matte Nail Polish + Lipstick/// I am in love with the Nykaa Matte nail polishes. The colour pay-off is amazing and the paint lasts for upto a week. So pretty and these are decently prized too and their colour selection is pretty varied. 

10. An Old Favourite/// Finally got the battery changed on my sister's old watch and I've been wearing it a whole lot recently. I love the hands of this watch. It looks like a flower in bloom. 
Love it! 

Hope your November was good. 
I hope December is even better and festive and joyous! 

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