Wednesday, 23 November 2016

General Whimsy/// Bag Lady - Part IX


It's been a while since I've done a Bag Lady post on the blog!
Like in almost over a year!
What is life?!
I am a through and through bag lady and it's high time I shared some of my recent bag loves. 
The bags below are some of the bags I've used and loved in the last few months. 

Just realised that all of these bags are from Zara!
I am clearly a fan.
Seriously though Zara bags have such great quality and so on trend. 
Loved all of these bags. 

A very special and such a different bag from Cord. 
Love the shape and of course the indigo-ness is such my aesthetic. 

A very 90s style backpack from 20 Dresses.
This backpack really takes me back. I swear I had a black one in pretty much this exact style.
The red bag tassel is from Accessorise, which always adds a little something extra to all of my bags. And I've been adding bag charms a lot to my bags lately.

Oh Bags! 
You always make my heart sing. 


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